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Expert: Understand the basic formulas of how manipulation works

A capable manipulator of the mejd type can grow practically on anyone. Masterful use of such techniques that deprive simple but also very intelligent people of their pensions. It is not at all easy to see their manipulan games.

For example, Mirek from Prague, 55, has a similar experience. “Last year, a counselor called me and recommended that I update my old life insurance policy. I already knew her two. She was extremely willing, she was persuasive, she brought sweats and explained to me why she should take care of the insurance. When signing the form, she asked about my family, wondering how to do the company. Then I found out that she had supported me with a completely new investment life insurance policy to collect a high commission. ”

How about manipulating elites? “Simply by understanding the basic formulas of how it works. Then you can arm yourself, because understand that someone wants to manipulate you, ”says marketing expert Ivo Toman.

According to Toman, the people resort to manipulation for two reasons: “Firstly, in order to respect them better, because they want to gain a better position in their surroundings. The second reason is the effort to make a difference. ” During the analyzes of how the manipulators can order them to release, Ivo Toman came up with several basic samples of their breeding.

1. sampleSnz is manipulated by a tired hunter

An able manipulator can tell you not to grind and grow to be obese. Calculates with dark, e vs easily manipulates when you are tired. The fact is that a tired hunter can’t concentrate. The paradox is that you are caught, so you are vulnerable in some respects.

To manipulate your obesity, use a variety of tactics. For example, they will arrange a meeting for the time when you anticipate it or your name. He is happy with the amount of information that the member prepares. Prepare texts and proposals so that the font is blurred and playable. In the times of the Internet, he also used tactics such as: www.prodejnaroku. He secretly ignores the people and points out that most people have chosen the Internet address as the “store of the year”. Under this label, “sale of claims” is used.

2. sampleYou don’t have to be aware of manipulation at all

The able manipulator to start the game perfectly, to enter the world and work with your feelings. This does not mean that it is a manipulation. And how did it last? So that during the deposit, he suddenly loses a murder in his memory that he cannot remember. He starts to make contact and look for help: “he eats with the darkness, it’s sharp, how to tee blood when you stuff yourself”

And the answers are determined by the dock, as “npovda” responds ada lid. “A furnace is natural, when no one can remember anything. According to this formula, the manipulator will gradually get me to his side and exactly where he wants. The climax of manipulation is when you don’t find out you’re manipulated, ”Toman points out.

3. sampleIgnorance is a hurry

The ability of the manipulator to work also gave the formula: “Anyone who knows the field will not get it. Those who are not familiar with the field, it is easier with that. ” Therefore, it is better to have a basic ignorance of the issue and choose if it is a vulnerable client.

I can read and rule out those who have a problem, for example, health or social. And the best is when it comes to a combination of both problems, ie a hunter with poor health, who had a pension. In his manipulations, he uses a sentence that reinforces the statement: “And I will offer it to you!”

4. sampleTake a professionally asserted expert

A capable manipulator can rely on a qualified expert. He is often confused about his own years. Because she considers herself an expert, she is so convincing that a number of people The best manipulators also have a huge charisma that can sell their claim perfectly.

They go along the pious scene, at the end of which there is only one cl:
“When I believe that I will protect your health, give me a pension.”
“Whenever I see that I can evaluate your pension, give it to me.”

Manipultoi um bt also perfected how they look. “Dress to give the impression you want to make. For example, a live and health expert gets dressed up. An expert on pensions again in a sleek suit like a bank. It will take the people for the most part, ”to Ivo Toman.

And how do the years signal that you are dealing with a manipulator who wants to spend on you? “When someone promises high returns with low risk. When someone guarantees a certain input. We never have the security of a furnace. You should be obese even when you say: This is our know-how, this offer only pays today! There are more of these promises, the more in the stench, ”concludes the expert.

Have you ever run it into a capable manipulator?

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