Friday May 20, 2022

Filipny promise investors interesting profits in the future

The Philippines are very similar to the Czech Republic. Only distinguish us from “trifles” – the climate and the current economic situation. Some analysts consider them one of the most promising investments in emerging markets.

Filipny as a mirror of the esk republic
The Philippines (officially called the Republic of the Philippines) looks much more like the homeland, as the flag itself suggests. The occupier for the kind of worlds wolves here were not the Germans, but the Japanese. The ensuing totalitarian regime was set up rather as a defense against the communist revolution. During the regime, it was peaceful and in those years the Filipnci advanced ahead of it.

Philippine people are considered to be the most corrupt in Asia. Most of the small roads are in a desolute state, with long-term errors. But like our politicians, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyov has many magnificent fully on the modernization of transport, only the mistakes of finance.

and the climate
Lack of pensions is the root of his evil. With this year from GB Shaw, the President is likely to d. In order to support the development of the world and give the people a job, try to raise strong foreign investors. Of course, they have to offer something extra, so they are no exception to the esteem of holiday tax, reduced tax on first-person income from the usual 34% to 10% and other investment incentives, sometimes go fabulously not in the basin.

It would almost be wanted to read that they are a kind of esk males. Ovem and the fact that the Philippines is about seven thousand islands. Earthquakes and lions are here on a daily basis. When it is not earthquakeed, the typhoon often comes accompanied by rafting and landslides. Daily temperatures rarely fall below 30C. And when it starts in June, it usually grows in November.

For gave the development of pension errors
Going by the wolf worlds, the Philippines was one of the most developed countries in Asia. In the following years, however, the economy fell on the crowns of the new Asian tigers. Today, Filipny is trying to drill into the sun, but it is a long and difficult way.

The lack of pensions is mentioned as the most nice thing. There is no space available for the implementation of all projects in the field of infrastructure, electricity generation or wastewater. eenm is cooperation with foreign investors, e.g. in the form of the so-called BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer). In order for such investors to come forward, it is not just an investment incentive. It is necessary to offer them a transparent and safe environment.

And here the Philippine people are facing the problem of poverty in the majority of the population, which is also supported by a high number of people of 1.8%. Of course, everyone wants to get the maximum benefit for themselves. And so corruption flourishes. In addition, the whole country is surrounded by explosions and noses, which are the work of Muslim separatists from other islands. Transparency and security should also not be.

You have a lot to do
In recent months, the situation with the Muslim south has calmed down. If President Arroyov, who is a woman of executive power, deals with corruption, the Philippine economy could start a real boom. It is necessary to build a subtle transport infrastructure of the highway, railways, modernize flights and ports. It is necessary to increase the efficiency of agriculture, in which more than 35% of the population still works.

According to then build new power plants that would satisfy the rapidly growing demand for electricity. According to geothermal energy, it is about 17%, the government wants to continue this trend and overtake in the statistics of New Zealand. It is thus fully doubling the capacity of hydroelectric power plants and building an export center for solar energy production within the ASEAN group.

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