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Filled vs abroad e-shop? Complain and take the dog internet

They want to spend 18 billion crowns this year on the internet for their purchases, which is about three billion more, not last year. More and more people use it to buy foreign portals abroad, on which you can buy drinks at favorable prices. What can the bag do when the goods do not arrive from abroad, the seller does not communicate even the claim that he sent them at two o’clock?

“Definitely act. And that’s two, tm lpe. If the goods did not arrive within the deadline, which is correct and the seller does not communicate with you correctly, it is necessary to load something. Thanks to online judicial women, you can now claim a refund of your pensions from abroad, ”advises Rostislav Kov from the free first-advisory website

What exactly does it mean to seek redress in court online?
Online justice has existed since 2009 and its main benefits include that you don’t have to go to the Internet at all.

Some owners of foreign e-shop still rely on the fact that to collect a receivable in another country, the seller may seem complicated and expensive. Therefore, allow a foreign client something they would never try at home. Namely, do not deliver goods or do not file a complaint.

How do the conditions have to be met in order to live on the Internet?
It must come between EU member states, the dispute must not exceed two thousand euros and it is necessary to pay a court fee of at least one thousand crowns or three percent of the amount. This fee is automatically calculated when you file a lawsuit. If the customer succeeds in the dispute, the fee will eventually be paid by the other party.

What do I need to do to resolve the dispute?
the other party, ie the dissatisfied customer or his first representative must provide all written documentation to the case. In the case of the e-shop, these are orders, entries from the castle, or any communication with the seller. Without these basic proof of the transaction, of course, the application cannot be filed at all.

How fast is such a lawsuit over the internet?
According to our experience, when we first represented clients, the duration of the dispute is relatively fast compared to the situation in the country. If the client has his or her own day, the woman should not last for about three months. The court must send the documents of the other parties to the hearing within 14 days of receiving the application, which has 30 days to send its opinion. The court then has 30 days to decide.

How is the poet zkaznk my problems are good luck, which they have reconciled to the Internet?
Research speaks of a quarter of disappointed customers. Many do not ask for repairs at all, because they do not know that they would achieve it. And it can be assumed that with the increasing volume of online purchases, there will be a dispute. Now there is a European problem with online shopping. These are most often complaints, undelivered goods or incomplete orders. The average dispute, which is currently available within the judicial woman online in 375 euros.

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