Friday May 20, 2022

Finann advises the consultant, no one pays him for advice

There is a shortage of work and the career of a financial advisor seems quite tempting. You probably don’t have to advise people on how to deal with retirement. such a consultant also published fifty thousand. He will also receive double the client’s credit for the supplementary pension supplement, and one year’s insurance premium for life insurance.

When you become a financial advisor to a reputable company, you can look for skilled work, sunny income and a pleasant working environment. The next bag is to choose the right company. You should be particularly interested in the education and commission system.

Ask in advance about the conditions

Vzdlvn: Take an interest in how the company educates its employees. For a basic knee, usually pay a fee, he gave superstructures for free.

“Basic knowledge will be gained by our collaborators in the field of seeds called Finann alphabet, for the salary of 900 crowns, but the price also includes such things as. ”Explains Jan Lener from Broker Consulting.

He gave knee products to the company within the week and each consultant has the opportunity to add knowledge to them.

Commission: It is also important to know how you will be paid. Zatenk mv usually has no commission, no experienced advisor. Wonder under what conditions you will be promoted to your honored position. In most cases, a sufficient number of contracts will be sold.

Cancellation: Advisor for your contract ru, bn period is two years. When the client terminates the contract during them, the consultant must refund the commission that was paid to him. In order not to be a big financial source for the consultant, the company will earn him a commission to the so-called cancellation fund in advance. Some companies do not apply this rule.

“There is no cancellation fund in Fincentrum, let’s introduce it only to consultants who have a historically large number of terminated contracts,” explains Petr Stuchlk from this company.

Strain: Over time, you will build a so-called tribe client. In addition to taking care of their contracts, so-called follow-up commissions will accrue to them. It can also be thousands of msn.

What happens when you want to stop working as a consultant or you want to join another intermediary company? Solid companies consider (and in the contract between you so clearly drink) the tribe as property. You can sell it, you can leave the company with it, it also becomes the subject of ddictv.

Benefita or Partners will conclude similar contracts with their advisors, but here the written consent of each client is a condition.

Verticality: And if you start working as a consultant, find out that for many clients it is important whether you are a vertical or independent financial advisor. Indicate as those who do not cooperate with only one banking (connector, investment) company. Their analysts go through the entire market offer and then select the most suitable products, which are then offered by the company’s consultants.

Objectivity is a good thing. A suitable kind of party, the so-called vertical consultant, is that the financial condition with which they cooperate creates suitable conditions for them: custom contracts, significant discounts and the like.

What should the counselor keep in mind

No one will pay you to advise people. You get the pension as a commission for the sale.

It’s work, in most cases the age is not employed. Take care that you will work as an OSV, you will take care of the day and all the costs associated with business. In addition to the forms, all other materials are usually bought by consultants from the company: pens, plates, announcements, squadrons.

Of course, you can “process” your family and friends first, but you risk a little darkening them. In particular, you will not be perfect, and in addition to process errors (for example, incorrectly filling in a form that you need to process once), you can also make a mistake (recommend a product that is not fully good).

Shnt nov clients is fuka. Can you call ten foreign people, explain ten times that you can get counseling, and nine times be rejected?

If you have communication and the ability to sell in your blood, at the same time you are a bit of analyst, understand each other and you can think about the career of a financial advisor.

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