Wednesday May 25, 2022

Find out the owner here only when you need to enter the payment

The bank’s secrets cannot be broken so easily. The bank may not provide information about clients to cadmium. To whom and under what circumstances, on the contrary, these data must be passed, the statutes of the con. If the raft wants to identify the payee, it has a single baldness. I must say that he was wrong in his back and at home with his pension proposed.

We may find that during an online auction you win or buy goods for which you pay. But the package is nowhere to be seen. You have fulfilled your business, but not the seller. If you sent in a good pension, you usually only know the recipient.

The bank could help in this, but it binds the institute of banking secrecy. The bank account precisely defines to whom it gives the bank and its owner to provide sm and to whom it does not.

Do not get information about another client without his permission

The easiest way is to contact the payee directly and apply for a refund of the pension he received unjustifiably. This can only be done if you have his address. But you can at least complain about the payment and then submit your bank legn for help.

The bank damaged in the deposit filed a complaint under the beneficiary’s bank in order to contact its client and give the registered bank back. Even if the payee enriches it for no reason, you may not even need an expected response. Then you don’t have to go the long way of judicial women. The bank does not give notice of this without the written permission of the owner.

“If the client does not claim that he made a mistake during the payment, the bank is not entitled to provide the client with information about the payee. In such a case, we recommend contacting the police, because it could be a criminal first act on the part of the payee, “said Denisa Saltkov, a spokesman for Potovn spoitelny.

Institutions must always provide the bank with the necessary information in writing. These are situations where the bank’s client does not know about the provision of personal data. So I have only one option – to admit that he made a mistake in the payment order.

You prove your mistake, the bank then identifies the payee

End the bank sweat with only one option, when the bank secret is “broken” – an error on the part of the sender of the payment. The regulation imposes an obligation on the bank to communicate the number and identification of the owner to the person who forfeits, as a result of his own incorrect disposition (you have no wrong place) he has suffered the code. He thus proves that without these taxes he cannot get his first on the issued pensions.

“The client can contact the beneficiary’s bank to exercise his first right to issue unjust enrichment and submit it with the identification of the owner here, according to the number and identification of the bank. As soon as the person obtains the identification of the unauthorized beneficiary, they will, according to the situation with them, often invoke, for example, in court, ”explains Pavla Langov from the press center of esk spoitelna.

Without your knowledge, the bank only informs the urn of the institution

Banking secrecy applies to all banking transactions, financial services of banks, including the state of deposits and deposits. Initially, the bank is obliged to submit about these matters only to persons specified by law.

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