Friday May 20, 2022

First take a picture of the code, then just start cleaning it, the advice of experts on the disposal of the code

The Czech Republic was found by unexpected raids. Hundreds of people – mainly from Silesia, Central and North Moravia – call the client centers connected since the morning. You asked your liquidation expert online about the removal and castles code after the flood.

Ivan Tomek from SOB Pojiovny explained, for example, how to report information to the insurance company, whether to clean the codes or not, and how to proceed with liquidity code.

Expert advice on how to proceed in the event of a code related to a sales disaster:

1. Poite documentation

If it is due to the mon situation, poite photo documentation damaged vc. This will speed up the subsequent liquidation and communication with the insurance company.

2. I took dalm kodm

Within your possibilities, you will prevent the creation of additional codes. For example, cover the damaged roofs of the fleece, place weapons in front of the two houses to prevent further flooding of the house (sandbags, ensure water drainage, mud removal and subsequent drainage) and take measures to prevent further code.

3. Report the codes to the insurance company
As soon as possible, contact your insurance company and report the generated codes. We have a free SOB Pojiovny toll-free line for these members: 800 100 777. In order to quickly liquidate, we will need the following documents in particular:
– the number of the insurance contract (if it is not known, you must state the birth number of the person who arranged the insurance)
– the string characteristics of the code to which it was applied
– when it came to this code
– how is the range of the code
– how connected to vs (phone / mobile)
– if the house is uninhabitable, please state the address to which it will be available

4. Zante with peace
If the building is freely accessible (it is not flooded), you can load with peace and basic repairs. It is not necessary to wait and the employee of the insurance company. You have mapped the range of codes, you have made an inventory of things that have been damaged, and therefore you can eliminate the consequences of an unpleasant situation.

5. Do not get rid of the tracks, but destroy vc

Do not dispose of damaged property in the value of disposal equipment (furniture, electronics, etc.)

6. Be careful
Keep in mind that cleaning especially the special code means working in poor hygienic conditions.

7. Deposits can be arranged

If you want to pay the deposit before the liquidation of the insurance event, tell the liquidation technician who will come to you to make an inspection. The standard liquidation process takes place on the basis of forward invoices, possibly by budget.

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