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Flats of rubble can have in the bank benefits

In the middle of this year, Raiffeisenbank has started to offer a special package of services for housing companies and associations of housing units called Dualkonto. There is definitely no one on the market who deals with this segment. Can its product compare to other offers?

You can find offers of product packages for the housing of drustva in the offer of several banks. Their content products and services, as well as in the fee bag li. In the table not shown, you will find the exact list of services that are diametrically different. Some stocks in the price of a small pause provide management, deposit products and banking, others can go with the addition of a payment card, credit card or even all electronic transfers. It is definitely worthwhile to choose which package of services you choose and whether to use it. So how do Dualkonto Raiffeisenbank (RB) stand?

An overview of balk services for drustva flats can be found HERE.

From zaloen

If we take the evaluation and compare the RB product with the competition since the arrest, ie from the opening of the account, they do not differ from the requirements of other banks. The authorized person will always need an entry from the Commercial Register, the statutes of the associations of owners or housing companies and a certificate of identity. At the branch, it is necessary to make a minimum deposit when the account is opened, or to arrange a date into which the required minimum amount (usually 1000 K) will be inserted for the newly opened account.

dog package contents

The dual account offers, as well as other packages of this type, the establishment and maintenance of a standard here with a new entry. According to this, it is possible to calculate a better value for money paid into the repair fund, especially in combination with a practical automatic transfer, which is able to transfer amounts above the set limit on the calculation and vice versa. Finances will then not grow at a rate of at least 0.1% pa, but in the range of 50 thousand to 1 million at a rate of 0.8%. Over 1 million then one percent. Other banks thus offer standard term deposits as well as deposit bills as part of the package. However, it is important to realize that it is possible to find better instruments on how to value finances (for example, catch funds).

k pouvn konta

For the control of financial resources, all banks offer at least one of the channels of internet banking. The bag can thus be made of telephone banking. Their use allows you to get a comfortable overview of the movements here and enter transactions whenever necessary. However, it decides to pay how many transactions are available, because, for example, ivnobanka offers electronic cashless transactions of incoming and outgoing transactions at the price of a small pause in the account of the Condominium. For others, pay for individual moves here. The price for individual vouchers ranges from 3 to 6 crowns.

As a result?

It is evident that compared to other packages, Dualkonto from RB offers a relatively small product. The price bag belongs to the average and you will definitely find your supporters on the market. If you think that you will give a payment card as a household asset, or that there are several plates of msn transactions performed there, you will certainly find an interesting product on the market, not a Dualkonto.


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Do your flats use any of the named banking products? Are you satisfied with the promises of your bank? Drinks them with light.

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