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For a year, what is segregated and life in poverty

Petra m anci to get out of debt and start a new life with the same. The court allowed her segregated. The creditors of the loans, which flowed into the hundreds of sewers. At the same time it started innocently, she had a credit card and her friend asked her for a loan.

She looks twenty-five, at 31 years old, no one would. The life experience that led Petra and to personal bankruptcy was hard. I will arrive at two with nadj.

I had to sell a house below the price to pay the mortgage pension to the bank. The bank insisted on the sale. I got a house for me, not his estimated price, to a young woman. It is located near St nad Orlic in a small municipal apartment. estici vitel spl u u year loans, which have flowed into the statistics. With a minimum income he has to go out for another three years.

A year ago, the court allowed me to declare personal bankruptcy, how did it change in life?

Then the crown. Otherwise, I’m much calmer. The level of society, which I did not manage to pay the installments, do not call me. Half of my salary goes to pay off the debt. In the course of five years, I have to pay about 80 percent of the debt to six creditors, for a total of 610 thousand crowns. I pay another 900 crowns to a lawyer who has done so.

How many crowns do you have for your own living?

At first, I had 6,900 crowns left. I will earn you a little more, also mm for msc 7 600 crowns. Of this, I pay him, electricity and all the expenses. I got a general apartment with a sunny place. I have to go for another three years to fulfill mt dt.

Na in nejvc ette?

I practically don’t buy clothes at all, maybe just for cheap T-shirts. Nejvc etm na jdle. I shopped two by putting in what I had a taste for. My friend and I braked in the shopping area, and when I had my pension left and it was necessary to read. I’m not going to big purchases. I buy influentially, exactly what I need so that nothing goes wrong in the fridge. He regularly spends for electricity, gas and water.

Mte doma velkho psa. I to nco stoj?

My friend and I shared Tom with my friend when we moved into the dream house. When we had to sell the house to get a mortgage on the bank, we considered putting the dog in good hands. In the end, I decided not to keep it. He is ill, suffers from epilepsy, but is not diagnosed.

How about vs TV people that you fell into debt, knock in front of them oi?

People walking around me don’t know. Drm in secret. That’s my family, employer and the best friends.

Did you actually get in debt for what happened?

My friend and I dreamed of our own house and applied for a mortgage. We both got her. My brother got into the sweat, he asked us about the loan. At that time, we were doing well and we had some credit cards. First he drank my ptel. His brother shook your pension and applied for financial assistance. I gave him a credit card. But he did not shake the board. The debt of high years remained on me, and so did my friend, who drank it again. Mortgage mortgage has been a problem. I did not mention it with other loans. Ptel’s brother eventually got into debt and his birth.

Do you think that you would not repeat such a mistake?

My brother, my friend, after all my experience today, I could read radically, I don’t want you. At that time it was tk. I think my friend, too, could refuse him. But he would have to think about it a lot. The family is quite important to them.

When did you get into financial trouble, how fast did you try to solve the problem?

When my friend and I saw that we wouldn’t meet you and we wouldn’t meet you, we didn’t wait, and we would have a suit with reminders in the mountain box. if we went to the banks and tried to warn that he would have a financial need. They said that we do not have a long delay, and they did not share it with them. Only esk spoitelna nm spltky postponed to half a year. She also pointed out to us that there is a new free counseling center that will recommend me how to deal with the situation. The friend went there and found out all the details (more about free debt counseling here).

How do a hunter have to meet a court permit?

You must have a job and get an income. You have to repay your creditors in at least 30 percent of your debt in five years, and at the same time you have to keep a living wage. The court allowed me to secede. Among other things, my friend is trying to find a better paid job so that he can do so in the future, because he doesn’t have enough income yet. We both want to leave one of the Czech Republic, but again you in Ireland, you have to live a normal life. However, his debts grew to more than one million crowns.

Are you afraid that you will get sick or that it will happen to you once and become more complicated?

I’m not the type to beat a doctor just because he burrows him in the throat. During the year, I wasted two weeks and as soon as possible I woke up to work so that the loss of income was not noticeable. He works above the water, I work in a team. In addition, I managed to finish the high round with all these problems. But I’m a little afraid of a long-term illness, even a little bit, I don’t have time to stay with my pension. I don’t know how you’d feel if I ended up in a wheelchair and couldn’t pay my debts. Snam be careful with himself.

Do you ever try to bet and bet in the lottery?

No, the game is not certain. I haven’t bet once in the last year. These are for the rest of the issued pension.

Has it changed in relation to pensions?

Hodn. I’m much more developed. I don’t want to hear her at all about her. When I see on TV or in magazines do not throw up, call, I would not recommend it to anyone after my experience. It’s a carousel that will set off under you. I was young, the court allowed me to do so, then I didn’t have executors and I can be a normal hunter within five years. Mj ptel zatm takov tst nem.

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