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For going to the bank for a pension, when you can get them in the hypermarket

You do not have to apply for a credit card only at a bank or other financial company. Meet their offer even where you wouldn’t expect it, for example in a hypermarket. By getting such a card, you not only get an extra pension, but also join its system of interesting discounts and bonuses.

You shop in Tesco and from the information amplion you will hear something about an interesting offer of a credit card, which you can think of first. Anonymous voice vs proves how easy it is, just visit a specialized wall directly on the desktop of the hypermarket and the credit card is yours.

Credit cards with added value

In this case – but it is exactly the same in hobby markets or chains specializing in the sale of electronics and furniture – these are the so-called co-brand credit cards. You publish financial companies together with various, most large companies. Although you can arrange the card from a businesswoman who is also its issuer, you will become a client of the financial institution that owns the card.

For holders, these credit cards have their charm in the form of various bonuses and benefits that they receive when they are used. With co-branded credit cards, however, it is possible to pay elsewhere, ie even in competition. Of course, you can also withdraw from an ATM with them, pay purchases on the Internet and use cash back. It is possible that by paying elsewhere you do not get bonuses that make the card interesting.

Specialized credit cards are not different from the others. Even through them, the financial company returns the pre-given credit line, which can reach 100 thousand crowns, so you are required to meet a minimum amount. At the same time, for your salary you can use a wireless period, which is practically the same as with normal credit cards and is around 50-55 days.

With credit for cheaper purchases

When issuing a Tesco credit card, Tesco Stores cooperates with Home Credit. If you meet the conditions (ie you are more than 18 years old and you have enough income), you can approve the credit card and 100 thousand crowns within a few minutes.

And you will spend more, so you will return in the form of discounts on further purchases. “For every ten crowns paid at Tesco, the holder will receive two points per account, for every ten crowns paid anywhere else where they accept Mastercard cards, he will receive one point. For every hundred points collected, his discount at Tesco is reduced by ten crowns, ”says Eva imnov from Home Credit.

If you spend the used pension on the credit card back within 51 days, Home Credit will not be there for a year, otherwise the outstanding amount will be 2.19 percent msn. The first year you have a credit card for free. If you do not spend 36 thousand crowns in the last 12 months in the last 12 months, you will pay 49 crowns per month for the card.

Billa cooperates with Raiffeisenbank in issuing its co-brands. The customer, which I am interested in the card, can get and 50 thousand crowns for 55 days. From each purchase over 200 crowns in Bill’s stores, get two percent back. You have a five percent discount on your first purchase. In addition, for each payment in Bill, collect points that you can exchange for goods with a 50% discount. Unlike the Tesco card, you can’t afford discounts except Bill.

You have the first month free of charge. If you do not spend at least three thousand cards in the next month, you will pay 35 crowns for it.

Even at Globus, you can arrange their specialized credit cards for bonuses. The company cooperates with Cetel.

If they are a handyman, they will improve their service

If you are a part of the hobby market, you can also get a credit card in Hornbach. The company cooperates with Cetel. The card is set for an equivalent period of 50 days and a total of 100 thousand crowns.

Thanks to these cards, you can extend the cancellations by one year for the selected goods free of charge. For the card holder, resp. for keeping it here, pay msn 69 crowns.

Hornbach credits

If you are a business owner, you can arrange a Hornbach ProfiCard. In its production, the company cooperates with the Czech Savings Bank. This credit card is limited to Hornbach stores, the competition does not accept the card.

The bezron period is up to 55 days and its owner receives the birthplace of the returned goods and service from the Profi Team of Hornbach employees.

Levnj elektro i nbytek

You can also get co-branded credit cards in other chains. For example in Datart and Euronics, stores specializing in electronics, or in department stores with furniture Asko, Kika, Mbelix and XXXLutz.

Cetelem cooperates with Datart and Euronics.

Credit date

In furniture stores, arrange a Premia card from Home Credit. When you use it, you will get one percent of the return from any non-cash transaction in the form of premium crowns, and if you buy in a change of department stores with furniture, you will get a return of 2-15 percent. In the case of five payments made to the business partner where you shared the card, the premium crowns are deducted from the value of the purchase.

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