Wednesday May 25, 2022

For the elderly, the death of the owner may overtake the rest of the pension

If the owner of the country is here together, others who have used it during his lifetime may find themselves without pensions. This is a major problem for those who were authorized by the owner to join here before January 1, 2005.

“In such a case, the first death of the owner is disposed of here, unless the bank has a written declaration of permanent authorization even after his death,” says Pavla Hvov from SOB.

If you find yourself in this situation, file a note, which is in charge of the settlement of the certificate, in order to define with the bank exactly how you can dispose of it or choose your own pension, which will be calculated according to the course.

From January 1, 2005, the very substantial first right came into force, according to which the death of the owner here does not terminate the contract of residence here. A significant shift also occurred in the approach component here. I do not mean that the authorized person may become the owner here, I can use it in the framework of all previous needs and needs.

After the death of the owner, paragraph 715a of the Commercial Agreement. “Even after the death of the client, the bank continues to receive a pension, as well as payments for the deposit of orders, which the owner gave here and the persons authorized by him,” adds Hvov.

Even so, it happens that the manager does not get to the pension after the death of the owner. The owner could limit the manipulation with it in case of death. Me stop payments that left here until he. And in the same way, people who imposed on him during his lifetime will catch up with me.

Become a ddictv manager, get the first owner here

If the owner has not restricted the use of his dead, the pensioner can manipulate it according to it. Only he can leave the bet first, or stop all existing payments.

At the same time, I can freely load the ddictv manager. The owner can do that during his lifetime in a notation. Or set him up during ddick’s zen. The controller of the child then has exactly the same as the owner here. His competence also includes the removal of the first manager. It is important to abolish my childhood after the final end of the childhood.

If, apart from the owner, no one has taken advantage of and the administrator of the inheritance has not been appointed, they may be left to file a court so that they can temporarily charge a potential heir for the pension.

The dead owners themselves should be notified to the bank and documented with the original of the dead letter issued by the register of the long general series.

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