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Foreign payments: pay off spirits

It seems to me that you are one of the young people who will never have to fill out a foreign order to the castle, but most of us are not so lucky. The form, which gets into your hands to be filled in at the incriminating moment, contains many items and you really have to fill in most of them. How do you have to follow the rules? How many banks do you charge for such an order?

Entering a foreign payment order is definitely not a simple matter, especially if you do not have all the data you need together. As soon as you enter the wrong one of the data, it happens not only that the payment is drilled, but that the bank charges a relatively high fee for it. And what do you need about the payee vdt?

You must fill in all fields

The formulas for filing payment orders abroad are very similar. In some cases, they are just clear, unlike others. (you can find an overview of the formula HERE). Items such as due date, orderer field, variable and specific symbols are very similar to those for a normal domestic payment order in korunch. Problems can occur and in the boxes with the name of the beneficiary, his bank, payment title, payment or deposit castle Ask how?

Banks require that the specifications of the beneficiary and his bank be as accurate as possible, so you will need to know and fill in not only the beneficiary’s name, address, number, but also the exact address of his bank, especially the branch where he is and so her SWIFT kd. Payment titles are prescribed by the Czech National Bank, you can also look in the detailed overview, or you can consult the bank, which also applies to the payment field.


The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), or BIC, is an international system that enables banks around the world to send information quickly and securely. Each bank has its only swift key, according to which it is identifiable. At first, they all have a standardized form and can therefore be easily processed. For security reasons, all communication is well. Very often, SWIFT is used to send information about the international transfer of funds. SWIFT only works first, it is not a system.

It is worth mentioning the castle of talents for foreign orders, which you must fill out. In his last chance he can decide whether to pay the total costs for its execution (type OUR), or to share with the payee and pay to the bank (type SHA), and the payee to pay all the expenses (type BEN).

Favorable peshranin payment

If you send your pension to a bank in one of the EEC countries (including EU countries, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway), then you can make a so-called cross-border payment (you can find an example of the formula HERE). The bag must be known to the recipient in the form WERE GOING. Thanks to him, you can then pay for payments up to EUR 50,000, because its price is set by the bank in unlike the classic foreign payments. In its case, banks usually set the fee in percentages with minimum and maximum limits. In general, it pays that for any foreign order with the help of one of the channels pmho bankovnictv pay the bank to me, not when you enter the order at the branch, as shown in the table.

Bank Peshranin payment in EUR electronically Peshranin payment in EUR parrov Foreign payment electronically Foreign payment of peppers
Citibank 1%, min. 300 K max. 200 K 1%, min. 300 K, max. 2000 K + 43 K 1%, min. 300 K max. 200 K 1%, min. 300 K max. 2000 K + 43 K
esk spoitelna 220 K 220 + 200 K 1%, min. 220 K, max. 1500 K 1%, min. 220 K, max. 1500 K
UNDER 250 K 250 + 250 K 1%, min. 250 K, max. 500 K 1%, min. 250 K, max. 500 K + 250 K
Komern bank 225 K 225 + 300 K 0.9% min. 250 K, max. 1 500 K 0.9% min. 250 K, max. 1,500 K + 300 K
Raiffeisenbank 220 K 220 K 1%, min. 500 K, max. 1500 K 1%, min. 500 K, max. 1500 K
Volksbank 1%, min. 300 K, max. 1700 K 1%, min. 300 K, max. 1700 K 1%, min. 300 K, max. 1700 K 1%, min. 300 K, max. 1700 K
ivnobanka 0.8%, min. 200 K, max. 1500 K 1%, min. 200 K, max. 1500 K 0.8%, min. 200 K, max. 1500 K 1%, min. 200 K, max. 1500 K

Note: Fees salary for foreign payments in SHA mode, Source: Banks

If you have a bank with a bank that belongs to one of the large international financial groups, then you can get a cost-effective transfer between you and a partner bank. This option offers e.g. Raiffeisenbank, esk spoitelna, Volksbank, SOB. A very interesting alternative is Eurogiro Potovn spoitelny, which offers a pension to precisely defined locations at favorable prices, but with certain restrictions (eg the obligation to pay the amount sent only in cash). More info.

When entering a foreign payment order, he decides to pay caution and diligence. If the return payment is incorrectly sent to you, you can pay either a standard or a penalty fee for it, always in several hundred crowns. If you send payment orders more frequently, it is certain to know how high the fees are charged by the bank for this service, and if they are really high, do not miss when you change the bank.

Do you have experience with filling out a payment order abroad? Do the fees for this banking service seem high to me? Drinks them with light.

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