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From here, an unknown where 6 thousand crowns disappeared. The bank was to blame

Mr. Magdalena from Prague 9 m u u esk spoitelny. While checking one of her payments, she noticed a bank order that she did not enter. Six thousand crowns, including the fee for the payment order, have already disappeared here. Who collected the pension did not know at all.

“I immediately complained about the bank’s customer line,” Magdalena said. After two days, the savings bank reported the result of the inspection of the advertiser’s department: “She failed the employee.” During the backbone, from which another client wanted to send the pension, the bank clerk stuck in his mouth. By mistake, she entered bn et Mr. Magdalena.

“From the point of view of the total number of processed payment orders in esk spoiteln, the mistakes of the employees are especially accepted,” explained Marek Penin from the bank’s press center to the editorial staff.

When the bank itself is wrong, it is easy. One hundred complaints about the unreasonable payment and the bank immediately corrected the mistake. Mr. Magdalena noticed the wrong transaction very soon. Six thousand crowns did not take long for the recipient and again received a twenty-crown fee, which the bank deducted for sending the order.

Clients make mistakes more often, cases go to thousands

If the client made the mistake, it is not so easy. Especially when the recipient of the pension does not notice that he or she does not care about the return of the pension at all. “Such cases occur, but they are not a monitoring bank,” to Marek Penin.

Cases where the payment stops by mistake elsewhere, not the client wanted, go to thousands. Just esk spoitelna e msn around 300 enough to help the situation eit. It is humanly wrong to err. Esk spoitelna does not want to reveal how high it is often about, and diplomatically to: “The rules for resigning such cases are not up to date.”

What to do and what to do first in such a situation:

Check your msn entries regularly from here. When you find out that you sent your pension to another person by mistake, report the discrepancy to the bank. The recipient of the pension is obliged to return the fee, otherwise it would be unjustifiably enriched. At the same time, I am not entitled to remuneration, I only deduct the fee for sending the pension so that I do not lose the rest. “An unauthorized payee will receive a payment for the fee associated with an incorrect payment when returning an incorrect payment,” Penin points out.

If you have a netute to whom you have sent your pension by mistake, file your bank to ask the beneficiary to return the pension. If possible, provide the bank with a document from which it is clear that there was an error (invoice, entry from here, contractual agreement). “The bank provides co-operation and can only be a means in front of enough clients who have incorrectly entered a payment order to an unauthorized beneficiary,” said Marek Penin. Take care of the fact that the bank charges a fee for front calls, in the Czech savings bank it is, for example, 300 crowns.

Wait roughly for the MSC to see if the pensioner will respond to the bank’s call. If you do not have a pension, file your bank to provide his or her identification. In the case of a natural person, the bank will provide the name, date of birth and address of permanent residence. For the first person it is the name of the first person, I, sdlo. Once in the bank gives these before, with him gave the help of her do not sweat. “The client who entered the payment is fully responsible for replacing the non-refunded incorrect payment,” remarks Marek Penin.

If the recipient of the pension does not react further and does not want to return the pension, there is no choice but to file a criminal complaint with him / her on suspicion of a criminal offense of concealment. “Here, however, it is necessary for the hundred to exceed five thousand crowns. If it is not five thousand crowns, it is a violation of property. As a whistleblower, you must first be informed about the admission of the guardian and, in the role of the victim, look in the criminal file and obtain information about the accused. You can return the lawsuit both in criminal matters and in civil court proceedings, ”concludes Luk Zelen, head of the first dTest counseling center.

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