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From November, the rules for collection are written. New it only with a limit

Payment for services by direct debit is bn and you determine the parameters yourself. From November, the bag will have strict rules. The duty of the payer will set the maximum limit of the expected transaction and the period for which he is paid.

The new Act on Payment Systems (. 284/2009 Coll.), Which begins to apply in advance, will undoubtedly improve the client’s domestic financial situation. This standard introduces a few complete novelties into the Czech first day. One of them is provided for “return of authorized payment transactions”. You will find this under § 103.

According to this right, the payer must first, within 8 weeks from the date on which the pension was written off, request the return of an authorized payment transaction made at the initiative of the payee (ie collection). But how could pltce (bank client and evil) have a reason for this? It’s just a little thing. He states that the transaction strengthened the investment, which he could reasonably have expected as a raft.

The bank and other financial status then within 10 working days from the date of receipt of a fairly full collection of boreholes. If he refuses, he must inform the boat of the reasons and provide information on the manner of the out-of-court dispute and thus on the possibility to file a complaint with the supervisory authority.

The obligation will set a limit

Banks also take into account this, somewhat indefinitely established new first payment system rights, found a lk. From 1 November 2009, a new obligation will be introduced for clients – to set limits (ie limited to a maximum of future payments) for a certain period of time for all direct debit payments. But with his approach he li. Some financial houses will add limits to existing approvals, others leave them with the original parameters.

Only 3 banks will not automatically change existing debit authorizations to their clients who have not yet set their payment limits themselves – esk spoitelna, Raiffeisenbank and so Volksbank. Not to mention that he won’t do so until the end of June.

However, the largest domestic banks will act differently. The client should definitely check the current collection limit at each bank at his bank. If you leave the activity to the bank, it could easily get into a situation where the bank will set the pli nzk limit (eg in SOB, because you first called me in the past 3 months, not usually) or, conversely, not very high. An example of this is the automatic limits of UniCredit Bank.

Help with setting up direct debits have holiday fees

Citibank rely on sv clients. They will be notified in the form of SMS, telephony and information on the entries here about the need to add a limit to existing direct debit payments. Pesto recommends that you change the settings as soon as possible.

UNDER offer to add new obligatory fees to your clients (limit, period applies to them) two months holiday fees. If the bag is not used for this transitional period, as of 1 January 2010, the bank will make the settings automatically according to pre-determined criteria. The limit thus stipulates at the limit of the maximum collection collected from the client for the last quarter of 2009. If the client was collected several times in the last quarter, the new limit will correspond to the amount of these payments.

The volume of valid consent to direct debit without a set limit of accessions is the first of November GE Money Bank. However, according to the bank, the dotench client will be small. What new limit can a person who is affected by the central right expect? “It will be such a network that will cover more than 99% of clients according to collections in past months,” Markta Dvokov, the bank’s spokesman, told iDNES.cz.

The only novelty that in Komern bank note, the mandatory parameter will give consent to direct debit. The client must set a limit for each request for collection consent from April. From November 1, there will be an additional number of days between collections.

For old collections, if their maximum owner does not decide, the bank will make the change automatically on 13 November. The border will be twice the highest collected in the last 12 months. However, the client will be able to adjust the set limit even free of charge, until the end of this year free of charge.

“The client must set a limit of sm. Until then, it has yet to be fixed, it has not been fixed, because the implementation of the change in the system has not yet been completed. The deadline is expected by the end of 2009, ”explains LBBW Richard Hajduk, marketing manager.

Clients are gradually being informed about the new obligation to set a limit for direct debit approval mBank. If you do not set it yourself, the bank will do it for you in the next period. The details are being decided these days, as confirmed by Pavla Rennov, the bank’s press talks.

Central TV changes cannot be avoided even by the TV owner Potovn spoiteln. The bank will automatically set limits for all debit authorizations, which will be missing by 7 November. Ur is the highest amount of collected collections for the last 3 months. If the client is not satisfied with the new limit, the repair is free until the end of the year.

She informed her clients in advance about the changes resulting from the new law, but also the new obligations. UniCredit Bank. The collection limit can be set today and can only be recommended. When clients do not adjust the limit by November, the bank will determine it for them. The bag is a uniform and suitable for everyone, so high. So whoever wants to avoid unpleasant surprises, should definitely set the limit according to their ideas.

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