Wednesday May 25, 2022

from payroll to payroll. At the end of msce mm to t zero, k uitel

After six years of practice, teacher Milan Prikner has a hundred crowns gross per hour. This is a reward for which, for example, an unskilled brigd can be found in Prague. Pesto does not consider leaving the fruit. But you have to pay for your salary.

Milan Prikner, a teacher of mathematics and sweat with years of experience, also pays off for the dog, with payments of 17,050 crowns gross. This means that you can meet me with 13,700 crowns. dn slva.

How to get a salary?
At the end of msce mm to that zero. There is a girl who has studied special pedagogy and works very intensively on weekends, earning more than her, we will also be retiring. So my birth helps me with paying the faculty fee for hell bn study time. Above-standard things like a laptop or a photo camera, I could only think of extraordinary things, when I made a round of web pages.

We live in a rented apartment 1 + kk, for which we pay nine thousand crowns. When I set the time of training and preparation for the bike, I assume that I take about 100 crowns gross per hour. If my girlfriend’s income dropped out, you would, because we would like to have children, I would not make it out of the teacher’s salary. It shouldn’t be useless, we would have to go to vtho and probably rather to our own.

Do you have a full B for such a situation?
Mm. I got an offer from a friend at the work of the programmer under better conditions, not mm in the bike. That’s why I stayed from z in round u to only 0.6 bundle and I started working as a programmer on pl bundle. For now, it goes together, even though it’s a bit nron. I prepare quite thoroughly for class lessons, I don’t just explain what’s in the textbook, we work with you with an interactive whiteboard or a form of e-learning.

Don’t you have life in your life due to two different permissible confusions?
No, even the feeling that the kind of activity is quite beneficial for both professions. It is better for him to explain to his children how to use in practical life what is in the round. Also, until then, vc tm, mm vc energy per uen. I’m having fun, I would miss contact with children, I can’t imagine working as a programmer for the whole time.

Potil vs slib minister kolstv o zven nstupnch plat uitel on 20 thousand crowns?
It is definitely the first decision, so because with the current salaries, the teacher would not be able to meet any loans at the college for a long time after graduation, you would have “only” 10 thousand crowns per semester.

It is considered that the practice would not be so much reflected in wages.
Personally, I would shift the shift from wage to non-entitlements so that things can be evaluated as anyone. So that retirement teachers do not just “sit down” for years of practice, but appreciate, for example, the quality of education, which is better for experienced students. It is clear to me that it is not easy to do such a fair way of evaluation. It would be useful for you to have an attestation system for teachers, I heard that he is somewhere abroad.

What about the snow salary in the public sector?
I think that the government is not proposing bad measures, but I am afraid that on the one hand it will be reduced and on the other hand the pension will be lost in dubious contracts. And I think it would be better to turn around some of your own steps – first dream of paying yourself, canceling opaque payments, and then talking about moles with others. And for long distances, I would definitely not cut the budget at all, investing in it can only pay off.

What do you raise vld? Where can I get a pension so that I don’t have to reach for salaries?

It should make the current orders more transparent, even those that fall under the Ministry of Customs. How does the owner realize that it is not easy when the financial resources of the Ministry pay the unsuccessful world championships in skiing and do not even know why the financial money was created there?

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