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From the nurse, they rule out the neighborhood. Each MSc makes tons of pralines

Production of ambient pralines made from Czech raw materials. A m spch. six stores are prospering and Petra Kovandov intends to open. Even with more full and dreams, he will definitely not stay on the ground. Within two years, the museum of the neighborhood and marzipan in Tboe and the “pralinkrna” in Vienna.

It’s like a twig. How long did it take me to stay around so often? The owner of st Bon-Bon stores Petra Kovandov made tons of pralines msn in a factory near Tbora. There are many of them and she washed them all herself.

Mte rda ok?
Sure mm, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to give my work. I eat it not only for my sweat, but also as a pion. Other products are interested in gloss, refraction, softness, according to cocoa, taste, processing, packaging, there is a lot of it. When I’m around, my main brain works

How was your journey to the world of candy? Do you have sugar among the ancestors?
Not at all. It was an accident. I’m an original nurse. But I had a business in ilch, I tried to grind something under it. Then I grew up in Ernovice near Tbora to see my husband, and there was just a classic “prameck” concrete building for sale.

I defended myself and won the establishment. I bought it for a million crowns, which was absolutely unbelievable. We didn’t have a pension for almost a day, I also drank from the bank. vr I had to take on my own. I will never forget the then annual rate of 18.7 percent.

That was a big risk…
Definitely Therefore, in order for a hunter to start a business, he needs a lot of talent, but also a certain amount of naivety. Otherwise he would not be at risk. At the age of twenty, I became an entrepreneur from day to day, who had three employees and a huge number of employees. It amazes me.

And how did it go?
For those years I had to run food, it was in contracts. It was nron lta, my friends were securing apartments, they were buying nice things and I was just paying off debts. Then I started to think about the fact that we have free space in the premises and that we have to pull them out. At that time, I was interested in healthy food products. So I started a wholesale store with this weapon. I went around the manufacturer, created a catalog and went to sell to other retailers. The interest was great, it took me eight years.

Then did you trade a healthy viva for a neighborhood?
Not now. I had to open a grocery store, they were running a big business chain. So the market for healthy viva began to float. I knew when I would never make anything, a misty future. I took advantage of the gaps in the market at the time of the missing candied fruit and decorated for cakes such as silver pearls and surrounding re.

I poured myself a manufacturer in Italy, Germany, Poland, even in America and started to import their products in large numbers in the Czech Republic, packing here and selling them under my own brand. To this day, I have been producing and supplying products for home laundering for a long time.

How did you get contacts abroad from the manufacturer when the internet was not available?
That was pretty interesting. I went to the wholesale of confectionery products, bought goods from them in boxes and from these I wrote down the addresses. With a friend who spoke Italian, I called the manufacturer and arranged for cooperation.

So I started going to food exhibitions abroad and I was looking for raw materials that would not be produced here and I would be interested in households.

And u blends to the surroundings.
Song. I saw beautiful and high-quality pralines on the stands, and because we worked with the toppings, he had only a small neck to buy the real fruit. When I became interested in making the bag, I found that it was a lot of work.

A year and a half, I wondered if I would go for it. In the end, I bought a warehouse in Italy, such as oven ovens, shared tempering machines, molds and started working.

I can’t imagine making pralines tomorrow.
First, I read a lot of books, found a series of documents and walked through my knees at the customer’s neighborhood. Then I hung out at home for ten days and just mixed, tasted and added various ingredients like an alchemist. Here we eat more liqueur, here I add to the dark surroundings with menthol or ampask, full of sweet ice with a mild environment, here I throw vn pune and elsewhere marzipan…

One of the most popular Rum bomb bombs was created by soaking the pickle in rum, wrapping it in marzipan and wrapping it around.

How much kind did you come up with?
At that time, I decided to prepare a dozen types of pralines for the break. Let’s make about a hundred of them. I wanted to differentiate myself from the competition, which takes the neighborhood from Belgium and at the same time get ready in advance. We do everything ourselves. And let’s use quality Czech ingredients and full of raw materials, such as pickles, butter, cream, rum.

Do you watch the competition?
Under. I must be in the picture. I travel at least twice a year abroad to get up to various “pralinkren”. I always taste their products and watch how big the pralines are, how hard they are to fill them, if the eyes fall out of the candy, the surrounding clamps…

But also how they are exposed, illuminated, marked, how they are washed out chilled, how shops are made, what advertising they have, just about everything.

How many stores and employees do you have?
I have a total of six stores, one in Tboe, which is the oldest, then in the Czech Republic Krumlov, which gave me great joy, because there is a lot of customers in the beautiful city and going to them, and also in Prague. But we can go to several franchise shops, I say they are in Slovakia. He employs 45 employees in both factories and shops. The sales are greatly influenced by the good salesman. And it is very tk such a find. There is a problem with people.

Have you never regretted starting a business?
No. My work is for me, I enjoy it, I enjoy it. Kadmu, who is thinking about business, I advise, and that’s it. If you stand with your mind and your feet on the ground am nco what is new and what to go wrong in the market, it should not be inhaled. Me try it in small, then move me dt. It’s a nice feeling when you’re behind something. That’s why I got involved in the life of the project, in which experienced businesswomen like to work.

How full are you in the future?
I would like to open a branch in Teboni, South Bohemia, in Teli, or in other tourist cities. In two years, I would like to establish a museum of neighborhood and marzipan in Tboe. This is one of my big dreams.

The second is mt “pralinkrnu” in Vienna. I’m working on it a bit, obhlm tern. Don’t be afraid of the competition, because I don’t have to be ashamed at all.

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