Wednesday May 25, 2022

Gas from RWE has risen by two percent since January, the other ml


Households that take gas from RWE Transgas have been pipetting two percent since January. This was shared by Martin Chalupsk, who said that the new prices of the company were published in ter. The health is mainly related to the weakening of the koruna against the US dollar, for which oil is traded. For the time being, don’t want to reveal the prices.

“Let’s see that there could be a slight increase in two percent. We can imagine that the price will increase by one and two percent. All this is the poorly regulated regulated payments for distribution, which the regulator will publish tomorrow, ”said RWE Martin Chalupsk to

Other distributors don’t want to talk about prices yet. “Let’s share it on Wednesday,” said only Vladimir Vcha, speaking to E.ON, which will supply gas to households in Other Czech Republic. The customer of Prask plynrensk is also in uncertainty.

Gas has not risen in the last two months, last year it even fell slightly at the end of the winter. Much fluctuations will be reflected in the January honeys at RWE. The dollar, for which oil is bought, has become significantly more expensive in recent weeks, which also has an impact on natural gas.

Gas has risen twice this year

For these reasons, the gas increased in the third quarter of this year. Prices have risen by about six percent. The dollar at that time cost over twenty crowns and was the weakest in the last fifteen months. This was reflected in family budgets due to external expenses and hundreds of crowns. Now the US dollar reaches the limit of 19 crowns.

RWE Transgas raised gas prices in April this year, after a year and a quarter of discounts or stagnation. For the second quarter, the raw material increased by less than three percent.

Energy regulation and tariffs for five years announced in ter. RWE is the largest gas supplier in R. It has more than 2.3 million customer channels.

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