Tuesday May 24, 2022

Gasoline and diesel prices fell sharply, prices turned sharply

The average prices of petrol and diesel fell by another ten halls last week. According to the Czech Republic, fuel prices are slightly cheaper, but this is especially the end. Prices in Rotterdam years go up and the koruna weakens.

The first exchange rate of the koruna against the dollar was ensured by domestic prices at domestic filling stations. In the last week, however, the dollar is above 17 crowns and, in addition, world oil prices are rising.

“The optimism was the mood in the financial markets. Concerns about the return of the recession to the United States have receded, ”said Petr ermk, an analyst at Colosseum.

A liter of the best-selling Natural 95 petrol fell by 11 halls per week and now costs an average of 34.16 K. A liter of diesel fell by 9 halls to 33.57 K. However, the downward trend probably did not last long.

“The prices of petrol and diesel on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange have gone upwards, which will be pushed in the coming days by the prices at our filling stations (…) Distribun mare are still above average and their possible decline could reduce the price. Until there is a sudden increase in health. Prices at our filling stations should increase by a few decades, ”estimates ermk future development.

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