Tuesday May 24, 2022

Gasoline and oil wholesale vrazn podraily

After a week, I go to home pumps to pipel ten-hall again. Diesel rose by 45 halls to 31.20 per liter and gasoline by 36 halls to 32.35 crowns. In the coming days, however, fuel could become cheaper.

“The peak was the weakening of the koruna against the dollar in previous weeks and a slight increase in average prices on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange,” said Colosseum analyst Petr Erk.

In all regions, except for the sewerage, petrol exceeded the limit of 32 crowns. Steck County offers the cheapest gasoline in the country for 31.90. Diesel is the most suitable feed in the Olomouc region for 30.64 crowns.

The most expensive gasoline is in the South Moravian Region. idii in the region to refuel for 32.72 crowns. Only a few halls stand in Prague and Vysoin. For oil, the biggest goal is to go to Vysoin, where a liter costs 31.59 crowns.

Oil in the world markets passed a week, well, the barrel climbed to a level of around $ 74.

“Prices on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange have stabilized. The most important factor that will affect fuel prices at petrol stations in the coming days will be the koruna’s exchange rate against the dollar again. The Czech Republic has been strengthening in recent days and provides it with space for cheaper fuel. In the coming days, we should see stagnation and falling prices, ”commented Petr ermk.

How much does fuel cost in regions (K / liter)


Natural 95 Oil
Cel R 32,35 31,20
Hl. m. Praha 32,65 31,49
Jihoesk 32,01 30,91
Jihomoravsk 32,72 31,41
Karlovarsk 32,42 31,10
Krlovhradeck 32,06 30,98
Libereck 32,19 31,17
Moravskoslezsk 32,45 31,21
Olomouck 32,16 30,64
Pardubick 32,37 31,24
Plzesk 32,51 31,33
Stedoesk 32,32 31,29
steck 31,93 30,88
Vysoina 32,62 31,59
Zlnsk 32,53 31,55

Source: CCS, 13 June 2010 (average fuel prices)

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