Wednesday May 25, 2022

Gasoline is the most expensive in five years, the price of oil is about one hundred dollars per barrel

Gasoline prices in the Czech Republic have reached the highest values ​​in the last five years. A liter of natural costs more than 33 crowns on average. For very expensive oil, its price is higher up optimistic investors about the growth of world economies. To relieve domestic idim me only gym crown.

Brent vera North Sea oil rose by less than a dollar and at one time traded at a price of $ 96.04 per barrel. After more than two years, its price thus exceeded the price in front of Lehman Brothers. In 2008, it officially started the crisis.

Oil thus continues to grow, which began to accelerate in December and, according to economists, is not just over. The oil market has seen sentiment, which is an unusually cold weather, a wall of growing optimism about world economic growth, said Lawrence Eagles, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase.

Agree with us so f Colossea, a domestic commodity trader, tpn Prko: In the medium term we see a gradual growth. According to him, current prices around the ninety-nine dollars will form the lower limit this year, and the tendency to increase above one hundred dollars per barrel will rise.

The reasons are as follows: the weakening dollar, the demand in Asia and Latin America for cars and oil, and the relatively stable growth of western Europe and the United States, which is driven by the main monetary expansion of government, a printed pension pushing the economy forward.

For fuel by a crown incl

This, in turn, gave a stir to the rise in oil prices and thus all commodities, because this expansion will cause inflation. This year, you should be in Czech, not last year.

Petrol Media server analyst Michal Rokanin estimates that if the price of oil rose above one hundred dollars per barrel, it would mean an increase in fuel prices of about a crown for the Czech economy at the current exchange rate of one koruna and one dollar.

If the rising price of oil prices is filled, carriers and ideas in the Czech Republic can only protect with a strong koruna. Secretly with its gym economists, the exchange rate is estimated at around 24 crowns per euro at the end of the year.

According to the carriers kadopdn, the health of their services will come soon. With these customers, they use so-called oil clauses, which allow them to reflect the price of oil in their prices. The clays are secretly going back again in the last quarter, so prices should rise.

The price of transport will go up. It is a question of whether this is a manifestation in the price of goods, or whether traders are moving to the margins, said the president of the associated truck carrier esmad Bohemia, Vladimir Mayor.

The traders approached were still cautious. Let’s see how the situation on the fuel market will develop, said Teska Eva Karasov. According to the chairman of the Union of Trade and Tourism Zdek Juraka, due to rising oil prices in the nearest months, the rise in retail prices is not threatened.

The increase in oil prices would have to be long-term. But even in that case, it would show and in a few months, said Jurak. In addition, according to him, any costs with transport can be compensated by traders, for example, with their wages, which are now paid in the sector due to unemployment.

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