Wednesday May 25, 2022

Gasoline prices are falling, they are again below 30 crowns

Fuels in the Pilsen region have become significantly cheaper. You pay about three crowns less for a liter of gasoline, not at the end of July. Prices even return below the limit of tens of crowns per liter.

idii have a reason to rejoice at zpadoeskch pumps. The price of fuel is noticeable.

“Of course I know that. I took the full GDR and I paid 150 crowns less for Cyril and Methodius. For them, I will drive to Klatovy on weekends for children, ”praises ethn. Alena Mal from Pilsen.

The highest prices shone on the displays of the return pumps the first week in July. Since then, decline.

According to CCS, a liter of the best-selling Natural 95 fell by an average of 30 halls last week. Now the motorist refuel it for 31.82 crowns. The cheapest, two crowns below the regional average, is on Monday at Tank Ono filling stations.

Diesel has become cheaper by a fifteen in the last week. A liter costs an average of 30.62 crowns.

The price persists, will grow about avz

Prices of diesel and petrol and so far the koruna has pushed down strongly.

“We will not overtake it until the second half of the holidays with a sharp drop in prices, but rather with their stagnation,” predicted Jan imek from Broker Consulting. According to this, the main increase in oil prices on world markets will be.

“Last week, she crossed the psychological threshold of $ 80 a barrel and fell up,” says Colloseum analyst Petr Erk. According to him, the rising price of oil will stop being discounted at domestic filling stations in the coming days.

However, the co-owner of Tank Ono Ji Ondra did not anticipate that diesel or petrol would be significantly more expensive in the coming weeks.

“The exchange rate of the koruna against the dollar and the euro is acceptable. Until the end of August, prices will be relatively the same, ”says Ondra. During the first two weeks, however, the fuel is likely to fail. “For a counterfeit and a crown. Gasoline and diesel. It shouldn’t matter, ”suggests co-owner Tank Ono.

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