Wednesday May 25, 2022

Gasoline set a new record. A liter costs 36.16 K and dl will grow

Fuel prices have been rising for years. For the best-selling Natural 95, which set a new record, the average is worth 36.16 crowns. For diesel then 36.63 K per liter. Prices are rising higher oil and weak koruna, health will continue for five weeks.

Prices are in many cities of the Czech Republic, you do not state the average of CCS. The best to pay is the people who refuel at gas stations on the bedrooms.

For example, Benzina u Rudn on the D5 road between Prague and Rozvadov sells a liter of Natural 95 for 37.90 crowns. A liter of diesel then costs 38.20 K. At the same filling station in Velk Btei on the D1 road in Brno, you can refuel with petrol for a crown of dr, diesel for 38.50 K, according to the Global Assistance server.

Gasoline and diesel prices on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange have been rising for a long time, so according to Colosseum analyst Petr Ermek, it is likely that fuels will continue to increase during the first week. Rising oil prices are rising, and so is the weak koruna, which is losing the dollar mainly due to the debt crisis.

Ropa zdrauje kvli rnu i lep nlad trh

The price of oil is rising mainly due to fears of developments in March, which continue its nuclear program. Due to this, the Union has imposed an embargo on oil imports since July, and in response to this, it stopped deliveries to some EU countries last week (more here).

“Investors fear that the situation in the nearest months will lead to military conflict,” ermk said. “According to the commodity, the growth of optimism among investors also supports. The last steps of the central banks and the approval of the second protective package for the Czech Republic caused a positive mood on the markets, “he added.

The price of North Sea oil Brent in euros climbed to a record 93.60 euros (about 2,356 K) per barrel (about 159 liters) on Thursday in the afternoon. The main concern is the fear of disruption due to the escalation of the dispute between Germany and the landslide. According to Reuters, the price of Brent, which is a key to the European market, could continue to fall short of demand.

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