Wednesday May 25, 2022

Give life a living life for Christmas

This year, domestic insurance companies have also decided to acquire new clients or take part in existing ones. You can donate under the tree, for example, life insurance or pay on the connection of households at once.

Pojiovna Allianz GEOinvest has a 100% guarantee for new clients on investment life insurance. According to the insurance company, you can also pay under the tree. The insurance is paid once. In this case, it is at least 50,000 crowns and the duration of the insurance period is eight years. The income from insurance is derived from the development of prices of various types of minerals.

“Most often we meet the requirements of grandparents to invest safely for their grandchildren. Babika or ddeek agree with the dtte family and he signs the contract. In the case of a gift, a person can have a draft contract under the tree with an “exclusive color” description of the product, the recipient will receive a support and deliver a bond through his representative and after Christmas, “adds Pavla Pasekov, Allianz spokesman.

AXA prepared an event only for members of the AXA Club loyalty program. Increase bonuses when paying with an AXA card at agreed partners. Those who have an AXA Club card can save for retirement and insurance premiums when buying with a payment card. – tte Na dchod mete spoit i utrcenm z kreditn karty. Favorable action is limited and will only last until the end of the year.

New in esk business insurance company is an internet service of MojePP. The insurance company thus simplified clients’ access to information on negotiated contracts or the status of code records. In fact, this is not a new event and the newly created internet service will continue to work.

When, who will agree by the end of this year DIRECT vehicle insurance, will receive as a discount a discount on insurance. The discounts are set according to the number of years of ownership of the Jewish card. For each year, the client receives a discount of one percent and a maximum of 30 percent of the premium.

Another advantage is the discount on property insurance. Those who take out insurance by December 31, account for 25 percent of insurance households and real estate.

Generals Pojiovna before Christmas, it offered a 25 percent discount on a single connection to all its existing clients, who have agreed on any connection connected with the operation of the motor vehicle. “The goal of the campaign is to send peace to our clients behind the wheel of a car and to mitigate the financial losses that may not be caused by their fault,” explains Ji Cvka.

Only until December 15, you can arrange a life insurance ING Guarantee Plus. This bond can thus be implanted like a drone. The insurance company guarantees a 100% return on investment (after deducting fees and risk insurance) and valued after five years and 50 percent of the investment. The hunter basically invests and is also connected to the event of death.

One-time insurance with ING Garance Plus is at least 70,000 crowns for five years. During the insurance period, you can withdraw from the contract at any time for the current price of the investment, or choose the pension wall.

Cooperative cl on internet communication. Each user who activates the electronic method of communication with Kooperativa on the Internet will receive a voucher for a purchase from OMV in the amount of 500 crowns. The event is not limited to Christmas and will last until the first quarter of 2010.

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