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Glasses are stolen from cars. Let’s advise you how to park to avoid thieves

Don’t record stealing and thieving cars. The car does not have valuables or small items. Don’t forget the certificate recommended how to protect your vz. Otherwise, you will lose thousands of crowns.

Krdee vc from cars are in Czech on a daily basis. often overwhelm them. The example is Mr. Jaroslava from Prague 6. Svj vz parked on a share next to a container with weekly waste. In a hurry, she forgot her cell phone in the seat.

When she spun to the car, the passenger window was smashed and the cell phone went off. No one around saw him. The sounds of ttnho glass can be heard from the container completely bn.

“Even forgotten glasses can be for thrown thieves a reason to break windows and steal a car,” explains the reality of Vclav Blek from esk pojiovny. “Navigation is most often stolen from cars now, followed by autordiae,” remarked Tom Hejda from SOB Pojiovna. The course includes light alloy wheels, airbags and xenon headlights.

Think about parking your car

Daily thieves rob 125 cars and steal 40 cars from their owners. According to police statistics, the robberies will cost over three billion crowns a year.

To avoid getting lost, take care to park your property and do not take any risks. As far as possible, avoid parking the car in the corners, on the busy streets, packing up containers and in places where thieves can be revered more confidently.

“It pays not to park regularly in the same place and it is a good idea to leave an open box in the dashboard or a rolled-out luggage compartment blind in the vehicle so that everyone can see that there is nothing valuable in the vehicle,” recommends Pavel Haek, DIRECT Pojiovny’s specialist in technical liquidation.

“It is also a common mistake not to make sure that they are really locked up,” points out Milan Ka from the Kooperativa insurance company.

How things are stolen from cars in the Czech Republic, cars themselves and their parts
Year Poet stolen vc Total code Poet of stolen cars Total code Poet soustek aut Total code
2009 46 613 K 1.149 billion 13 954 K 2.043 billion 7 099 0.198 billion K
2010* 10 139 K 0.327 billion 3 041 0.451 billion K 1 741 K 0.043 billion
zdroj: Policejn prezidium R, * daje za 1. poduzelet

Do not leave the technical order in the car

If you have a security device installed in your vehicle, remember to always activate it when you get out of the car. “A number of people often forget about handcuffs and basic security when getting out of the car, such as the mechanical lock of the lever or steering wheel,” notes Pavla Pasekov from Allianz pojiovny.

If you park your car in the garage of an apartment building or other common garage walls and only drive with the car, you should check at least once a week that it is in its place and in a horseshoe. Invest directly in good soft garage doors to make it harder for thieves to access your car.

Even in a guaranteed vehicle, never leave the technical order or spare part of the car. This makes it easier for thieves to take care of the legalization of a stolen car, and the insurance company can then take the insurance card away or even refuse to pay it.

Always keep the car keys under control

Do not leave the started car unattended for a moment. When getting out of the car, always remove the keys from the lighters and keep them close. A number of people paid for these mistakes, recently your mother, who perpetrated the perpetrator with the car within a minute, had a child and a dog in his back seat (the previous link is here).

Remember all the carelessness, when vents can remain in the car, in all possible situations, such as shopping in hypermarkets, refueling, picked up by a child from a bowling alley or from another, even in a small car accident.

Also pay attention to who you give the villi of your car to. It is very easy to find a copy of them today.

Car owners also steal and play bad luck

Most cars are stolen to order with us. “According to the current findings of the police, the quarters of stolen vehicles will be dismantled within a few hours into individual parts, which are distributed according to. Only a quarter of the stolen cars are now being tried to legalize the perpetrator for normal operation, usually abroad. Mostly it’s about railways and luxury cars, “to speak the Czech insurance company.

According to the concentric characters, the most endangered cars are the code, including the Octavia II Combi, and according to the Volkswagen car and the Audi logo. Organized gangs focus on Mercedes and BMW X5 and X6. “Now the cars of Asian manufacturers are not stolen in the dark,” adds Tom Hejda from SOB Pojiovna.

The insurance companies also record cases where some car owners literally laugh on their heels and report the theft of a car or the theft of some systems several times in a row. “This category includes people for whom it is not possible to talk about boldness, but about one’s own involvement connected with the removal of one’s own vehicle,” says Pavel Haek from DIRECT Pojiovny. The insurers at the same time report that, in cooperation with the police, they are still able to detect such insurance fraud and the cases of “bad luck” then have a court case.

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