Tuesday May 24, 2022

Grant in Krnov was especially sailed by an unsuccessful and indebted businessman

Although the police keep the details secret, the man who missed Thursday tried to rob the direction in Krnov and paid off the grant when he was arrested, the businessman Milan D. from Moravský Beroun was especially indebted and indebted for 43 years. In his residence, the police discovered a cell arsenal, Prima television reported.

According to Prima and until the fateful day, he lived in Moravský Beroun, which today belongs to the Olomouc region, in a family house with his wife and two daughters. He did business with used cars, urit and stayed in Germany. Pro decided to be so desperate, neither his father could do it.

Robbers in the explosion of a grant in the Krnov department store Prior died, another six people were injured, including three police officers and two civilians.

A spokesman for the Soa Ttnsk police refused to confirm or disprove the information from television reports. She stated that the salary declared from this morning, in which she stated only that the current police will not provide information for the day, because the Moravian-based criminal investigator continues to find out and carry out all the circumstances surrounding the case.


“For example, there will be expertise in the system underway. Expert activity is also limited in terms of time, forensic scientists do not yet have the results of expertise available, ”she explained.

According to Prime Minister, he was alone. The mayor of the town with more than three thousand inhabitants Tom Feranec MF DNES said that such an entrepreneur does not know and does not even know the information that the first inhabitant of Moravský Beroun would be a changed magnifying glass who died in Krnov.

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