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GSM banking in practice: what does it look like?

What do the GSM Banking menus at individual banks look like? It is possible that they are known similarly. Depending on the number of functions offered, the number of displayed items and sub-items will of course always be the same.

Finding the balance is simple, as well as different information. The last domestic order to the castle will take over for a while. For services where you need to add to the predefined fields (standing order, term deposits, etc.), it is advisable to use the manuals that you will receive when setting up the services in the bank and which can also be downloaded from the Internet. There are also DEMO versions of the product available on the websites of most banks. If you want to get an idea of ​​what the application and individual transactions look like, you can try to control the service for sure.

How does probh command to the castle?

Fill in the fields with the sender, the recipient, the bank, the sent item, etc. currency, written symbols (constant, variable and specific) and due date in written format. After sending, you will receive a confirmation SMS about sending the transaction. If the completed order contains an error, receive it first. There are differences between applications in how user-friendly is caught. While somewhere the constant symbol in accordance with the NB decree does not belong among the mandatory data and if you do not fill in the due date, add the next term, elsewhere these fields are mandatory and if you do not fill in the SMS field, it was initially in the wrong form (with pin specification). So you have to send an SMS with payment again, you will lose time and pension.

In connection with the availability of services, it is appropriate to change that the bank is not responsible for non-transactions and unavailability of services according to business conditions, which was caused by pins outside its control (similar to a power outage at internet banking). Therefore, if you do not have a signal and the payment order is not delivered, you must contact your operator.

It is advisable to study the manual for the reason that, surprisingly, not all the services that you see in the menu of your phone must be accessible.

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GSM banking a bezpenost

To enter the menu of the banking application, you must know the BPIN key. And that no one else, GSM operator or bank, does not know. If you do not enter it correctly (you have three attempts), you will not be able to access the GSM banking menu at all and you will not be able to perform the operation.

Orders are sent to the bank via text messages, only, unlike regular text messages, they are sent from the banking application ifrovny. No one except the bank, which is the only encryption key that uses banking applications directly on the SIM card, can decrypt these first. ifrovac kl is different for each SIM card. This key should encrypt all bank information stored on the SIM card. For the first time, which travels between your mobile phone and the bank, if you transfer, you also want to use the standard GSM network.

Source: Mobile / iDNES


BPIN security key, three- and eight-digit key allowing access to the menu of the banking application; The BPIN can be changed at any time with the help of BPUK
MPIN BPIN in Vodafone
BPUK seln combination, with the help of n it is possible to change BPIN
MPUK BPUK in sti Vodafone

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