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GSM banking: to the bank from anywhere

Do you need to communicate with the bank, but do not want to look for a branch, a landline, or a connection? Then you can use your mobile phone and use GSM Banking. What all this kanl pmho banking umon and at what price?

GSM Banking, ie the promise of washing bank clients with the help of the Zen application menu uploaded to the SIM card of their mobile phone, to carry out operations on their eightth birthday this year. Its birth dates back to 1998, when it was offered by Expandia Banka (eBanka Day) in cooperation with Paegas (T-Mobil Day). The Czech Republic was one of the first countries in the world where cooperation between mobile operators and banks was born – Expandia Banka was then the bank in the world that offered the service of GSM banking.

GSM banking offers eight banks today and all those opertoi. T-Mobile and Eurotel cooperate with seven banks, Vodafone is also working. From this it is clear that if the bank offers GSM Banking, it does not automatically mean that only those whose operator is T-Mobile can force this service in two of their clients to choose between all operators at HVB Bank, while at Raiffeisenbank only customers with a SIM card Eurotel. While HVB Bank will offer GSM Banking to all operators after the business connection with the Trade Bank in the first year, Raiffeisenbank does not currently fulfill its birth. It is considering a bag in the future about the possibility of introducing JAVA banking (see by).

Do not look for Sloit operations in GSM banking

As well as the number of operators contracted by the bank, the number of functions of individual banking applications differs badly on both the operator and the client’s bank. And their scope is really different, but due to the capabilities of the mobile and known limitations, also in GSM banking sometimes pay for additional channels for a simple balance and make payments when the Internet is not available. The standard among the offered functions are passive operations, such as the first clear balance on the history of transactions, and according to the active, especially the domestic domestic order to the castle. With the exception of eBanka, according to all banks, they can at least issue a standing order. Then there are services that are offered only by some banks, or only with some operators, collection, SIPO, term deposit and top-up prepaid card operators. Of course, this vet bag is not full.

You can find a detailed table in the texts according to. However, from a detailed point of view, it is clear that GSM Banking has its limitations not suitable for complex services. Dog internet and dog telebanking enter everything. For some, there may be a significant limitation and the impossibility of entering an order for a castle abroad on his own initiative and processing is difficult within GSM banking. This, together with the relatively inconvenient control over the development of new Java banking technology, which Komn banka and ivnostensk banka will offer for us. It is a promise to control your mobile phone online with the help of a web browser and therefore pay for the data transferred. He gave the banks about its introduction. Some look by.

In the near future, a suitable technology will be introduced in the near future on an open web browser, which will remove all the negative features of JAVA een, said Kristna Havligerov from esk spoitelna.

Of course, in order to use the GSM Banking services, you need a bank and a SIM card that supports this service. While Eurotel and T-Mobile currently issue SIM cards, which have service support included automatically (the service is not supported by their old types of cards), you must also read SIM plus with Vodafone. Activation of SIM plus services then costs 91 crowns.

You must then apply for GSM Banking from your bank. For Eurotel and Vodafone, only activation via SMS is required. At T-Mobile, it is always necessary to come to the bank and have the application uploaded.

for Telecom: make money on it?

And how is GSM banking protected against misuse? When using SIM Toolkit technology, all communication between your phone and the bank is encrypted (with the exception of, for example, SMS information about courses). GSM banking can only be used from a bank ohlen SIM card. This reduces the likelihood of abuse and simplifies the client’s integrity. In addition, the application is protected by the bank PIN where BPIN (for Vodafone MPIN), which you need for each login, as well as five from the bank. The client is thus identified by the telephone phone of the mobile phone and authenticated by entering the BPIN / MPIN.

Do you have more bank t? Then you will be able to see how many banking applications will fit on your SIM card. If your mobile operator is both Vodafone and Eurotel, then and ten (for the SMART SIM card from Eurotel a 15). If you use T-Mobile services, your SIM card will keep a maximum of two (old type even only one). And what about the number from the point of view of the other side, how many applications can your bank allow, if you use more SIM cards, plus different operators, and you want to use GSM Banking for each of them? It is limited in this respect only to GE Money Bank, on one SIM card.

Banks have the sun paid for GSM Banking

The price for msn paul bv is included in the package of services, sometimes even with internet banking and telebanking together (S, SOB, HVB Bank, ivnobanka and eBanka). Interesting in this approach is Potovn spoitelny, which (similarly to internet banking) does not want to pay for transactions, paul ovu does not require days.

Of course, the darkness is not over. If it is necessary to ask for an item for the payment made, it is not particularly important. For me, SMS fees are first received from the bank. First, these items then the cost of control over the mobile phone. For example, some banks also charge fees for changing settings and canceling services. It is therefore advisable to find out about all forward charges. The published cost together with model examples can be found in the texts according to.

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