Friday May 20, 2022

Have you not paid the required ruen? They will find the same vs

Saw me in the mailbox asking you to pay a fine for not being obliged? Respond to it or don’t pay extra. Anyone who does not insure the vehicle must pay a mandatory contribution to the guarantee fund of the Czech office of the insurer. The fine varies between 20 and 300 crowns per day, depending on the type of vehicle.

The Czech insurer (KP) finds it relatively easy to pay the obligatory liability – by comparing the data from the vehicle register and the insurance database. By the middle of June, it managed to send 81,700 hnk and they paid fines in the amount of 38 million crowns.

“The number of vehicles without compulsory driving in the Czech Republic dropped by as much as 30 percent,” said Jakub Hradec from KP. Even so, the remaining 600 thousand, their owners will be consistently called on the office to pay fines in the coming years.

Respond to the call

KP embarked on a fight with a non-payment call to pay the contributions and either arrange a mandatory warranty or have the car removed from the vehicle register. So if you have such a call, you have thirty days to either pay or prove that you do not have to pay the fine.

If you have an honestly discarded car, only the register did not show the KP. If you let your letter fade, the Office would go to remind you once and then, in the case of a pedal, collect the company. And the executor would ring on your door, it would be expected that not only the contribution, but also the cost of their exchange would be paid. And it wouldn’t have to be just hundreds, but thousands of crowns. The law of compulsory liability is decisive. This year, the number of permanently used vehicles increased by 172 percent.

The pension from the guarantee fund is used to pay for the accident, which was caused by an insecure person. Last year, these idios caused a code for about 500 million crowns. In the Czech Republic, about 600 thousand unattainable cars are also registered under strict conditions.

Don’t ride? You still have to pay

The car has been half-dismantled behind the house in the garden for years, so do you feel that the contributions are not relevant? Error. If the identification of the character is not detected, the obligation to pay the obligatory guarantee also applies to vs. It is therefore worthwhile to go to the register of vehicles, which are kept by general ranks – you can find information at – and submit the sign. T monosti from loskho to letonho z used 320 thousand people.

If you “keep” your mistress at home – a windmill or a luxury stove, which you take on a flight just a holiday trip, when the weather is perfect and the road is perfect, and you do not want to pay for the whole celoron for it, unsubscribe from the temporary register. You must therefore do two things: remove the public road, ie it must not be in front of the house on the street, and submit it to a series of “espzetku” and a certificate of registration of the vehicle. I note that the vehicle is temporarily out of service for a hundred crowns and for a hundred crowns in the technical order.

And again you will want to take to the streets, end the busy time. In the register, submit proof that your vehicle meets the operating conditions, proof of technical inspection and you will receive your mark back. Do not forget to pay the obligated ruen again at that moment.

If you go to a public road without an agreed compulsory liability and stop all roadside checks, you may be fined immediately and up to three thousand crowns. He gave sanctions, which can expire and for 40 thousand crowns, they can impose the right authorities.

Where to go for information

If you are not sure whether there is an obligation to pay contributions to the guarantee fund, take a look at the website In the left column on the water page, you will find a link where, after filling in the license plate, you will ask the car whether and in which company your car is connected, and how to proceed when you want to temporarily or permanently exclude it from the register. If you receive a letter from KP asking for a paid contribution, you will also find a variable symbol in it, which you can follow to follow your case on the pages. You can also call the call center services on the phone 221 772 773.

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