Friday May 20, 2022

He bit a parrot for 50,000

Insurance liability for the code pays off, even if you are on the nvtv. Pbh Mr. Evy is very calm, I end up with a breed and insurance benefits. Do you have a similar experience? Drink nm.

Eva drove away, killed in a comfortable chair on the nvtv at the famous Karolina. There were no friends for life or death yet, they met in the fitness center, they gave the word, they found out that they have similar dreams, similar manels, similar worries. Eva was looking for a new place to live, and she was happy to talk to each other, so she was happy when they agreed on an afternoon venue for the dog and then at Karna’s home.

Venen went merrily, Eva’s badge, Badge Ferda, got along with the bglic Betka, and when they walked over Karolina’s house after less than an hour, it seemed that both dogs would fall asleep satisfied, and they would do everything they could.

As she cooled, Karolna Ev showed family pride: the parrot’s talking. The parrot was not just any character, but characters like. He can speak almost fluently, admit, the word is 80 words, that’s enough for a basic read. The two of them melted above them for a while and then led the door to the study, where, as he said, they asked to ask.

Ferda bohuel disgust two minds

Jene Ferd wondered, he wanted to ride the parrot once. So he lay down in the study and looked innocent. Then all that was left was repentance, and panic erupted over the supers, which Karna brought to show. Hop, open the door Ferda um, jump, hunt parrots um too.

“It was a classic situation where everyone is at the same time, they are tired, they are embarrassed when we start talking about pensions,” describes Eva. Natst had a liability insurance and the insurance company paid the code without the remaining threshold. But even so, one friend ended in two, it was not enough, because the emotional toll would pay off.


Originally: the price of a parrot is 30,000 crowns
Current: price 50 000 crowns (thanks to the word number)
The insurance company reimbursed: 48,000 crowns
Type of insurance: liability insurance in civil life
Necessary documents: description of the event, statement of the owner of the parrot.

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