Friday May 20, 2022

He built both wounds. And you didn’t even drink a penny

edestilet Vclav Opatrn dedicated the life of konm. A kon ho i iv. On his morning in Hoovice in the Beroun region, he built a spade equestrian center. The main income can be rented to the owner of the account, who pays for the institution. You never had to retire to run your wound.

When did the idea of ​​building one’s own wounds arise?

It started right after the revolution. Basically this day, when I applied for the return of the land by the parents. It took a lot of work, but it worked. At that time I worked on a farm in Hoovice as metal and horseshoes. As soon as I could, I started farming on my. They all told me then that it was nonsense, but I didn’t give up. Among other things, also because my father liked it that way.

The lands you got back, are they the ones now standing?

No, I bought you. At that time they were very cheap to me, because the former owner did not know what the time would be.

Why did you decide for the con?

I inherited the love affair from my grandfather. At home we had a breed softly. I learned to ride on a farm, then I did a seductive military (a competition of intransigence, which consists of dressage, black riding and parkour – editor’s note). My dream was to have my own farm or wounds and work with komi on them. Abroad, I saw how long it was, and I liked it.

And then did you move me here?

Yes, but and later. First, my wife and I had them at home and I went to work with them on the barn that I built first. Then stje, vbhy and dal were formed. That’s why we bought such a large plot of land – 17 hectares, so that we could do it here according to our ideas.

What does the owner have at his disposal here?

There are rooms for a hundred horses, two riding halls, a guest house with a restaurant, a new sand pit according to current trends. The sand surface with a fabric that absorbs a lot of water, you can also work on it in any weather. And let’s build a species. Arel is ready to provide services for jumping and dressage riders, to provide parkour races at a high level. This weekend, for example, the 10th round of the Czech Jumping Cup will take place here.

What you have built here has certainly made a huge investment. How did you do it financially?

Without a single crown of debt. Mm from behind: I invest, only when mm. I’ve never drunk from anyone, not even a bank, while I’ve been here. I never owed anyone anything. I build and long only what mm from my own pocket. And when it doesn’t work out, I’d love to poke, I wouldn’t rush in and take a dog.

Where do you get your pension?

We offer a private owner. According to the rent of the restaurant, from the hostels, something from the market, something from the horseshoes. There are important agricultural subsidies for me. I cultivate 250 hectares of land on which I grow oats, from which mm and slime, and long hay. I’m selfish, I don’t buy any of it.

When will someone stop here, how much will they pay and how will they get the services?

The salary here is around five thousand crowns per msc for one horse. The base is fed with hay and oats and a place with a bedding of slime and sawdust. Whoever wants to pay me to leave his horse when he can’t. He grabbed a trench and gave extra services. Then there are the owners who have a horse or buy it and give my son in his sports field. The son is tormented, riding with them in seductions, he takes care of from A to Z. The price for such service is then a little different.

Jac lid si sem dvaj kon?

Rzn. Firstly, “parkrci” – they have one, two, but also pt or est con. Ride them, thorn them, go through seductions. Lately, dressage riders have also come here. And then there are the recreational riders – people who do not want to seduce and act only as a favor.

How to get along with the owners?

We have correct relationships. Sometimes it happens that someone does not like anything, but if such a situation occurs, I will immediately solve it. I have a little different needs. One wants him not to get slush, another wants more hay, while someone prefers granules to oats. When I come out, I come out. Even if you change your horse or buy a new one.

Take care of a hundred days of fun today. How many employees do you have?

Total pt. Some only provide bedding and fodder, others are only in charge of the horse and unit, every day, including Saturdays and Sundays. The only day off here is Monday. Don’t ride, stand still, have peace. And with them the employees. But he has to feed. My wife, who takes care of financial matters, also helps me with my run. I couldn’t do it without them.

You have two grown children – a son and a daughter, who go in your lpjch.

Yes, and I’m so rd. I hope it doesn’t take long for the EU and the operation of the arelum to them.

What about the other children? He’s beaten here.

It is extremely fun to work with children, it is a pleasure. And listen to the not mature.

How old are you?

The youngest is my teen grandson Adlka, who started riding a little poncho in those years. Darken on it, and go to the first leads. Then there are a lot of other dt with ponks. And then old, about 10, 12 and 15 years old, who are thorns on big horses.

What sports showers have you achieved recently?

The last rush is the victory of one-year-old Robin Johanovsky, who won the pony republic championship this year. Eighteen-year-old junior Ivana Hronov, who defended the championship of the pony and big horses, was two quarters, but even though it was a nice shower and she was happy with it.

It will pass you by in great ages. Did you even go into breeding?

Yes. In the last few years I decided to raise myself. I have ten mares here, which I will let the kadoron let go. We choose a pr from which we will keep in sports, the rest will be sold.

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