Wednesday May 25, 2022

He claimed the shoes and failed. The court won and received thousands of damages

If you do not succeed at the complaint store and read it first, do not give up. Don’t be discouraged after the first rush. Insist on consumer first fills. Merchants calculate that the customer’s claim will not go to court.

An example that confirms that the active approach is paying off is Mr. Petr’s dispute with the A3 Sport sports equipment store. She rejected a claim for footwear worth 1,057 crowns.

However, the customer was convinced that he was in the first place, and therefore he did not hesitate to turn to a forensic expert, who confirmed his opinion.

“The first advisers of dTest subsequently recommended withdrawal from the contract. The company did not respect this step, ”explains the breeding A3 Sport Luk Zelen, head of the first advisory magazine of the dTest magazine.

The merchant also had to pay the code

Mr. “Traders often confuse complaints, or assume that customers will not judge them,” explains Luk Zelen.

In this case, however, such an approach did not pay off for the company, or it paid many times the amount in the finale. “In addition to the hundreds of 1,057 crowns for shoes, A3 Sport paid the costs necessary to file a claim in the amount of 2,181 crowns and, according to 13,547 crowns, the women’s cost as compensation,” says Zelen.

According to Zelen, the courts decide in these cases relatively quickly, and for the seller it is a sign that the disrespectful first consumer does not have to pay for them. If the customers are at first, there is a number of defense options. However, we always recommend that the opinion be supported by a forensic expert. It is best to file a lawsuit with first aid, ”adds Luk Zelen.

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