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He couldn’t resist and bought a Lacoste T-shirt for half. It was a fake bag

At the end of last year, an offer for classic T-shirts with the Lacoste line appeared on Slevomat. While in the sign shop you pay 1,500 and 2,500 crowns for one T-shirt, the Zoot e-shop offered them here for 890 crowns. It turned out that it was not the original.

Ondej, who is wearing a T-shirt with a naked crocodile, turned to the editorial office. He did not resist the temptation of the offerer and then the low price was suspected, Slevomat as a mediator of the villas. He did not know that, like the other 700 customers, he was buying a counterfeit.

The warning in the discussion did not deter him

The first warning appeared on Slevomat in a discussion under the voucher offer. People who know the characters of Lacoste know, pointed out the difference marked size. The Zoot dealer checked the customer’s answers that the T-shirts were original, that they had confirmed the authenticity of the goods from the supplier in France and that they had been modified only for the sake of clarity.


Pestoe Ondej pspvky lid in the discussion peetl, bought two vouchers. “As soon as I unpacked the T-shirt, it was clear to me that it was not in the horseshoe.

T-shirts were taken to the Lacoste store in Prague in Na Pkop Street. The salesman inspected them and confirmed Ondej’s suspicion that it was not original, and in addition he gave him an excellent opinion with a stamp for a possible complaint (see the picture).

Lacoste: Do not buy the original in Czech on the Internet

“Mr. Ondej was not the only one who saw him with a T-shirt bought in Zoot. The most certain customers were all,” to Badr Afsahi, a representative of Notos Com CZ, who is the sole representative of the Lacoste logo for the Czech Republic. According to him, Lacostek is not monoriginal or bought in Czech on the Internet, but only in stone shops (boutiques). Also, not only the low price, but also the possibility of buying in the Czech e-shop is a sign that something is not in the horseshoe.

“Unfortunately, we often encounter Lacoste counterfeits, in cooperation with the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Whoever offers goods of unclear (uneven) origin not only detracts from the good name of Lacoste, but mainly deceives the customer who bought the goods in good condition, that he bought the original for this price, ”adds Badr Afsahi.

In addition, according to his representative, Lacoste will never supply the store with any kind of quality. That’s what Ondej found out on the Zoot infoline, when he came to the suspicion that he was a forgery. “According to my information, our customer support did not do anything like that,” said Ladislav Trpk, co-owner and founder of the company.

Zoot se brn: We have confirmed the authenticity

“A big discount does not automatically mean reduced quality and non-originality of goods, this is how the star collection sells out. In the case of the Lacoste T-shirts, we received a confirmation from the French supplier that the goods were authentic. We had no reason not to know, because the seller will deliver to other European countries and shopping clubs in significant volumes, not to the Czech Republic, “said the great owner of the company customer records.

“In all of them, it is generally difficult to get a fast percentage. There is no institute of character cloth experts. It is best, of course, to turn directly on the sign, but where it usually lasts in the breath of the MSc, ”explains Ladislav Trpk.

would they fly like that? According to Ondej, the pli relied on the “ray” and did not even see the T-shirts in advance. “Ij, as a layman, I immediately realized on the tricks that they are not of the same quality as from the Lacoste store. I think a store that specializes in luxury copper should be aware of the flaws, ”think Andrew.

OI: It was a forgery

Who’s right? A representative of the characters, or a seller with a “confirmation”? The Czech Trade Inspection was involved in the whole case. In December, she received a complaint from several unsatisfied customers and sent T-shirts to the manufacturer for examination.

“The testimonials we gave in France confirmed the suspicion that it was a counterfeit Lacoste product. The decision of the fine has not yet been finally decided, it will be decided by the director of the inspectorate, who in this case, “says OI Miloslava Flglov and adds:” The consumer protection law allows the supervisory authority to use unfair commercial practices. , impose a sanction and up to five million crowns. And even repeatedly. ”

Slevomat: Svdom mme ist, we did not neglect anything

“We are just a mediator, Zoot erred. They also claimed that the goods were original, ”explains the owner of Slevomat, Tom. Ed.

“It simply came to our notice then. In our new section, we buy goods directly from the distributor, so we have full control over its authenticity. We continue to work with Zoot, we will not offer a bag from them, ”said Martin Korman, co-owner of the company. “Apart from these events, there are good references to the company from the customer, there is also no reason to end the cooperation radically,” said Tom upr.

“According to the problems of offers, it is less than one percent and we do not repeat cooperation with such partners. But we are also careful to take care as a precaution, eight eighty partners we refuse to go before the offer due to insufficient quality of services, ”adds Tom upr.

Zoot: It’s a painful experience for us

“The OI nm inspection protocol was common in mid-midnight, but we have a contract with a T-shirt supplier marked with the Lacosteukonili trademark,” said Ladislav Trpk of Zoot.

“For us, the experience with Lacoste’s tricks was very painful, we are going to judge the supplier, but on the other hand, we moved us into a business debt. Since the new year, we have been focusing only on the cooperation with the characters, ”explains Trpk, adding that before each cooperation they give samples for quality assessment, especially the photographer for photographing both the entire outfit and detail.

A few msc waited for an apology. Marn

At the end of the year, PestoeOndej was denied a complaint in Zoot, he refused. He wanted to know how the whole thing would turn out. ”So I secretly hoped that at least one of the companies involved would contact and apologize to me. That didn’t happen, “explains Ondej, disappointed.

“This is what it looks like if you didn’t call, your nose was fake and a low-quality Lacoste T-shirt in the presumption that it was original,” adds Ondej. “Of course, we shook the customers who turned to us. We sent an e-mail to the buyers with information about the incident, “says Tom.

The pension gets back

Msce ekn brought Ondejoviproblm in a simple complaint and return of pensions. After such a long time, his complaints were rejected by the Slevomat infoline. “I’m really sorry, however, we are only a mediator of the discount and at this moment it is necessary to contact Zoot. It is really important to contact us no later than days after using the purchase, or delivered goods, so that we can file a complaint, ”said in the e-mail. Slevomat, as the only discount server, offers the so-called Satisfaction Guarantee, which means that even when you don’t have to, you get a pension. But only when you get in touch.

After the editorial office submitted Slevomat a week, the company promised Ondej a pension well. But even if that doesn’t happen, Ondej won’t lose his pension. Even if the seller “returns” it one after the other (it guarantees to return the pension within 30 days of the purchase), according to lawyer Tom Pelikn, the pension must be paid back. The complaint is justified, so Ondej will not lose his pension. and no one will pay him.

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