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He did not respect the decision of the company. And he slept for an apartment for a million

In the Czech Republic there is at least half a million flats in the Czech Republic. The first drustevnka are the same as the first owner of the apartment. But there is one significant difference. The landlord must belong to the landfill and the landlord is obliged to respect the decision of the landfill. In the opposite case, I would like to drink by the apartment.

Mr. Jaroslav lived in a dilapidated apartment for many years. Before that, he decided to reconstruct it and gave the company permission. Reconstruction at his own expense was approved, he was only warned not to demolish the load-bearing walls. He did this, of course, but in one oven he widened and adjusted the classic two round holes. When the trustees found out, it imposed on him the obligation to restore the original condition.

However, he disobeyed the decision of the trustee, that he was expelled from the trustees and deprived of his first duties. “I haven’t done anything so bad at the furnace, I think it’s a bit of a cruel punishment, to drink an apartment for a million for such trifles,” wonders the native drustevnk. “Do I have the first decision on such a decision? Is he getting angry? ” pt se.

Building rights are not possible without the consent of the company

“I cannot take a clear position on whether there was a harsh punishment in this particular case, it could be decided by a single court,” said Frantiek Lebl, chairman of the Sdruen Housing and Housing Association (SMBD).

“Anyone excluded from the law has the nature of an extreme sanction and it is usually available to him and after exhaustion of the possibility of a negotiated remedy,” he added.

As for the construction rights in the apartment, the general salary is that the tenant may not carry out construction rights without the consent of the landlord. In some cases it is necessary to notify the building series. “However, the project documentation must definitely be approved by the owner of the house, ie the rubble, before the start of construction,” Lebl points out.

Excluded from the bustle, it’s just an apartment

Only the firms are exempt if the re-assignment and the guard breach the member’s obligations or other other reasons stated in the statutes (according to 231 para. 3 of the Commercial Code). ” , ”Notes Lebl.

In practice, such an excluded effect has an impact on the subtle first, which disappears with this exclusion. Excluded from the woods, the owner is the owner and the duty and loss of his membership, his thorn value may cost you a million or more. Inside the crushed apartment, this wave is first connected with the membership. And if the drustevn loses the first member, he is obliged to vacate the apartment. “He used to have only the first to secure flats for compensation, or for the provision of fists. The decision on housing compensation is related to whether it is a family with children or individuals, ”adds Lebl.

It must be revoked within t msc

“The decision to exclude must be preceded by a previous warning, which must be specific, must contain a warning of the consequences of the negligence of this warning, and there must be a specific obligation that only violates,” explains Lebl. If he does not even give up one’s actions or neglects his negligence, we can go to his exclusion.

The Board of Directors of the Board of Directors decides on the exclusion, unless the Articles of Association state that the Member State decides on the exclusion. The decision must be notified in writing to the member and it must be possible for him / her to be personally present at the meeting in the event that the member meeting decides on his / her exclusion.

I can only file an appeal against the decision of the Board of Directors to the membership meeting within three months from the day when he learned of the expulsion. If a member of the Member State expired a certificate or did not agree at all, then he used to have the opportunity to file an action in court. The petition of the court may be filed within the next month from the date of the final meeting, which confirmed the exclusion, and no later than within one year from its final. If only these possibilities are not revoked, then its first termination and the decision on exclusion is valid.


  • The dwelling apartment is not owned by you, but by the dwelling, ie the first person who is registered as the owner in the real estate cadastre.
  • As just a cooperative who lived in a small apartment, you are basically the tenant of the apartment. The tax for the inside of the apartment is paid, the amount is determined by the member meeting.
  • To renovate the apartment, at your own expense, you need the consent of the company.
  • If you violate the member’s duties again and again, you may be excluded from the offense. Given the grounds for exclusion may be set out in the statutes.
  • With the exclusion from the woods, your finely first expires and you are obliged to vacate the apartment, but you have the first first to secure the flats, or to provide a fist.
  • You can appeal against the decision of the Board of Directors to be expelled from the court to the membership meeting.
  • If a member of the court has been disqualified or has not agreed at all, you can file an action in court.
  • The Sdruen housing estates and the owners’ property associations will help you with any problems.
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