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He signed the wrong statement in the water supply. You should pay thousands for peeten

Jozef intaj moved and left the apartment in Havov, which was to be rented from RPG Byty. The apartment has a pedal, the apartment has been inspected and the condition of all meters has been recorded. However, he found water during the horse that he found errors. The dog had to pay nine thousand crowns for the peeten.

“I informed the RPG employee that the water meter at the hot water level is 229 cubic meters, but 299 cubic meters are registered in the printing house,” said the former owner. He complained about this fact, but without a hurry. The complaint was rejected on the grounds that he signed the protocol.

But Mr. Intaj did not give up and complained again. In addition, he photographed the condition of the water meter on the day before, so he was sure that he would make a complaint, which will surely soon be credited to him. He was silent.

He had to pay the cost of the repair

RPG Byty received a dismissive reply and the letter stated: “In view of the fact that the incorrect and incorrect information in the report on the front of the apartment and the requirement to carry out a corrective adjustment of services connected with housing, the company will incur additional costs associated with this (for example for copying, printing, employee work, printing, etc.), we ask the tenant before performing this step to confirm the fact that the tenant is in fact necessary to pay the cost, with the associated connection. ”

The costs of the stupid community of RPG Byty increased to an incredible 9,120 crowns. However, Mr. Intaj disagreed and told the company in writing. The bag couldn’t answer. We were interested in why RPG Flats owns such a high price.

“The letter, which was mentioned in our letter to Mr. Intaj, was not a complaint, but a bill corresponding to the cost of a corrective installation for another 226 apartments connected to the hot water supply,” said Petr Handl, Director of External Relations at RPG Real Estate, to her group RPG Flats pat.

It would be mon, but so high stka? Is the company at all entitled to this and is Mr. intaj obliged to pay this amount? The lawyer we filed for the week is very careful.

According to the lawyer, the complaint is justified

“In this case, the landlord is obliged to comply with the complaint, or it is justified,” said lawyer Pavel Nastis. “The budget for water consumption is really wrong, and it is also demonstrable for photographers of the former tenant,” he added.

And most importantly, according to the lawyer, the company RPG Byty dn first not require payment in advance. It could only and in the event that a code is generated. In addition, she would have to prove that the code was caused by a former owner.

“The error occurred when returning the apartment, the error became a forwarding protocol, but the forwarding protocol is a two-sided first act, which was signed by Mr. Inta and a representative of the RPG,” said the lawyer. So it does not happen that the fault is the wave on the part of Mr. Intaj. The blame is also on the part of the RPG employee, who also confirmed the correctness of the data on the demonstration protocol with his signature.

“So if someone has to pay for the code that the RPG will create, then Mr. only ask half and the RPG the other half,” Nastis concluded. However, even if it is proven that Mr. Inta of the company caused the code, he is definitely not obliged to pay it before the inclusion of any chain.

Ppad provili a dkaz uznali

In the end, for Mr. Intaj good at first. RPG Byty accepted his complaint and we immediately informed him of this fact. Nevil nm. “To be on the safe side, I called the company’s customer service line, and they told me that I didn’t know anything about the wording of the complaint,” the gentleman wondered.

After another thirteen days, however, a letter came from RPG Byty: We have accepted your complaint as correct and we will send a new copy of the connection connected with the housing for 2011. We apologize for the inadvertently created.

“I am convinced that the company RPG Byty started to deal with my complaint in the Czech Republic only on the basis of your telephone inquiry,” said Jozef intaj. “And thank you very much for the news and for the time she gave me the problem,” he added.

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