Tuesday May 24, 2022

He stole 30,000 dollars from his girlfriend and shook off a banknote

From the age of twenty, he found an easy way to drink to retire. He gradually stole tens of thousands from his girlfriend. In order not to drink for anything, he copied the banknotes and pushed the counterfeits. When the woman wanted a handcuffs, the police drank for her.

He had robbed his girlfriend of his time. “He took his pension gradually and completely unnoticed,” said Eva Miklkov, the crack of the police.

With retirement, he first went to the hill, where he took a photo of them under various references. He then shook these “banknotes” to his girlfriend and tried to disguise his crime. Miklkov pointed out his real pension, especially on slot machines.

The unsuspecting woman wanted to replace the counterfeits in the direction. But the workers noticed the spear and called the police.

“A co-worker of a changed mue found herself in a similar situation. He stole two thousand crowns in his work, which he replaced with counterfeit banknotes. The woman then got into trouble at the moment when she wanted to pay in the department store, “added Miklkov.

He used the fallen and sm suspect. Twice he managed to pay for the deal with them.

He is now accused of forgery and alteration of pensions, fraud and fraud. He is sentenced to freedom, but is threatened and married for eight years.

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