Wednesday May 25, 2022

Head to your hotel room in London or in Prague

You do not always have to pay for a hotel room if you want to live in it. You can stay in it for free, and even spend time in the sun. A new type of investment that can make money in hotel rooms, at work and in the Czech Republic.

A pioneer of “lasting time” was Guestinvest in the UK, which has been offering investment in hotel rooms since 2004. It currently owns 3 hotels in interesting locations in London, where it offers investors rooms for 999 years of rent for around £ 270,000. (co urit nen mlo). The investor will thus have the opportunity to participate in the hotel fees (he will get half of the income after deducting all the expenses) and spend 52 nights in “my” room for free. In the future, the company of course wants to expand its offer to other cities in Great Britain, or abroad (New York, Amsterdam, Dill).

The fact that the rooms in the first hotel were sold out within eight weeks and the investors who sold their rooms during the time achieved a profit of 10% testify to the haste and popularity among investors. At present, investors earn around 7%. This entrance is close to the usual rental income, the room owner is a bag free from all worries associated with the gossip of the room.

Prague Property is again looking at the growing tourism industry in our capital, which has recently become a popular destination for foreign tourists. In Prague, offer for sale 33 rooms in the King Charles Hotel in Vyehrad. The company promises a certain income of 8%, which seems optimistic to me. According to the company, the demand for accommodation in hotels in Central and Entrance Europe is growing rapidly hand in hand with the growing tourism industry, and such a fee may not be unattainable.

The company wants to direct its offer both to private investors who are looking for a friendly hostel and the current opportunity to evaluate their pensions, as well as to corporate investors who are looking for a dispute over the cost of hotel accommodation for their employees.

In addition to the price for the room itself, the investor has to pay 50,000 crowns to the repair fund, and the hotel will spend 32 nights a year. The input for the investor, of course, depends on the occupancy of the hotel and how often he uses his room. Rental revenues are 50 to 50 between the hotel and the investor, and deposits can be collected once a quarter.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in a hotel room
Vhody Risk
Interesting input Nzk likvidita
Possibility to spend a few days in the hotel for free The low capacity of the hotel will limit me

Beware of risks
Although it all looks very interesting at first glance, it is necessary to deal with certain risks that such an investment pin. One of the problems may be, for example, liquidity, and thus the ability of hotels to quickly foam a room, with him practically having to ask anyone who invests pensions in real estate. And we cannot forget the fact that this business is relatively young. Its rush is that the real estate market has achieved interesting growth in recent years, similar to the development of tourism, which can be seen in the mentioned inputs.

However, the real estate crisis in the USA has shown that real estate, which is considered a long-term returnable investment, can pose great risks. The cooling of the economy or the growing threat of terrorist flows may result in lower hotel occupancy (at least a quarter of the hotel occupancy is one of the basic conditions for good income), which will have adverse consequences for both income and property prices, as well as the hotel rooms themselves. Then I get the situation that the interesting investment “will be the most expensive hotel room in the world”, as to this investment to Jason Butler of Bloomberg Financial Planning.

Many hunters will attack the pirates of similar offers, so-called timeshare, which were born in our country. Under the mention of the congress, the recipients then completed a “course” in which they were provided with information about all the appropriate communications (How to communicate? It is necessary to enlighten you.). ”Price. Often, these offers were associated with psychological pressure and immediate payment. Unfortunately, many such offers have proven to be fraudulent, even though this business has been operating abroad for several years. Distinguishing between fraudsters and serious offers is often a big problem for inexperienced people, and many drank for not having a pension.

Unlike timeshare offers, when buying (or long-term rent) a hotel room, you buy only one room and the proceeds are shared only with the hotel, and not by several other investors. You can spend a certain number of days here for free, pay this bag only for your chosen – only hotel room. Of course, it cannot be read that every offer of such an investment is serious and guaranteed to be paid. There is a bag on each potential recipient to increase all risks. If he doesn’t like anything in the company’s offer, his pension simply invests elsewhere.

Many people do not like to invest in this way. Lack of resources, or negative experience with domestic and foreign fraudsters who offer timeshare investments, certainly discourage many. They can then invest in real estate indirectly, in the form of buying shares from development companies, or by buying share certificates of real estate funds, which will start working for us.

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