Wednesday May 25, 2022

High wheels have fields that students care about. Then do not bear the clothes

Nevad vm pay for study 15 and 40 thousand crowns per semester? And do you laugh with the fact that neither hostel nor catering is subsidized? Then you can think of some of the five plates of private high wheels.

On the other hand, many fields on them can be used to study distance, which allows you to combine the wheel of you with your job. Private high rounds offer fields that are of great interest. It is convenient for students to have enough practice, which they often do not focus on.

“In the first round, I was in a professional television studio in front of and behind the camera and tried to compile my own clip,” to Albta Greov, who in the second round is studying social and media communication at the private Jan Amos Komensky University. Hope he finds the work in the public.

It may happen that at the same time there is a high demand for such employment. Private colleges sometimes offer fields, he is a student, but do not correspond to the situation on the labor market. This applies, for example, to some managerial and economic studies. On the other hand, according to the findings of the Center for Education Policy, there is practically no difference in employment between graduates of public and private rounds.

You rely on technology and foreign languages

As a matter of course, in addition to the field of information technology, there are also technical branches that can be studied on both types of bicycles. Those who have studied medicine or a medical specialization, such as even a graduate of such a specialized professional round, will find a job in public bicycles without the need.

“The greatest interest on the part of the applicant is in study programs specializing in pedagogy, economics and management, and media and communication studies. Graduates of technically oriented study programs, such as process engineering, engineering informatics, but also nursing, have the highest opportunities to apply in practice, ”summarizes Zdeka Prokopov, Vice-Rector of the Public University of Tom Bata University in Zlín.

The idea is when technical fields are combined with knowledge of foreign languages. “More than half of the graduates have at least a semester of foreign experience, all of them speak two foreign languages, a professional experience, and this predisposes them to a good job in the labor market,” said Pavel Trach, Vice-Rector for Foreign Relations at Koda Auto Vysok kola. Her students logically work primarily in the automotive industry.

Do not doubt that their graduates will succeed at the University of Finance and Administration in Prague, thank you for the research that is regularly conducted by the Laboratory of Empirical Studies VFS. “Aunt’s full-time graduate stated that there was no problem for them. Only ten percent of the city searched with victims. The best applied graduates are in the field of business and corporate finance, public administration and marketing communications, ”said Miroslava Manelov, director of marketing and communication. The remaining two aunts worked at the studio, which all took place in a combined form.

Ask anci to go abroad

As for the possibility to study for a semester or two on a bike abroad, not even in the difference between public and good private rounds, because they all cooperate with similar institutions abroad and often participate in the Erasmus exchange program, when they are in contact with other European high wheels.

Especially private universities change to practice, then often offer the opportunity to go to work abroad.

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