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Holidays abroad will be sold this year, the cheapest price is Bulgaria

Even last year, despite the crisis, they traveled more, only reduced their stay in expensive destinations and visited the cheaper ones, especially Bulgaria, Slovakia, Turkey and Egypt. Bulgaria is the most accessible to the Czech Republic this year as well, but in total it will be allowed abroad.

In return, the decline in the purchase of the koruna. In all 11 countries, which UniCredit Bank monitors every year, it fell by an average of five percent. Compared to domestic producers in Turkey, the largest purchases are above average, followed by Spain and Austria. The least losses will be spent on holidays in Egypt, Hungary and Greece.


In Egypt, although the koruna strengthened as the only country, the overall loss was caused by price increases in Egypt. The acceptable increase in the koruna’s purchase rate was much lower than in Hungary, and thus with the crisis affected by the Czech Republic, the loss was dampened by deflation.

We mostly go to Croatia

Croatia, one of the most popular destinations, remained the most popular, and Slovakia took the second position in the imaginary rank after a year’s break, exchanging the game with the new Aunt. With the distance, then Umstilyecko and Austria, as in 2011.

Egypt stuck to two cities, where they began to return. He swapped the agenda with the eight panels, which had the largest gap of all countries monitored. Similarly, Turkey exchanged positions with the French.


Bulgaria appeared in the sweat and at the end of the plate. But due to the rise of cheap destinations and people, the number of people who traveled to the Balkans doubled.

Bulgaria is the cheapest, the most expensive is in France and Austria

The latest data are expected this year in Bulgaria and Hungary. On the other hand, France and Austria are the least attractive in terms of price. No matter how much weight we take into account. And the standard, which is used to compare the prices of the population of a country (used to calculate inflation), or the so-called tourist consumer, which takes into account the goods for which the tourist will spend.

1000 corms

A country where it often takes its holidays abroad, for which it remains relatively expensive, the Czech pressbook there has an average value of only 914 crowns. When we take into account the typical data of Czech tourists on holiday, it will go up. The value of the esk thousand crowns shrinks to an average of 773 crowns.

In the cheapest Bulgaria, we buy goods and services worth 1313 crowns. They could also go to Hungary, where the Czech Republic is worth 1,137 crowns. Undoubtedly, Egypt also belongs to the cheap countries, for which price prices are not available. Holidays in all other countries will be expensive for all, not when they will stay at home.

1,000 crowns abroad
standardn ko turistick ko
Bulgaria 1 500 1 313
March 1 210 1 137
Turkey 1 050 798
Slovakia 1 010 873
Croatia 1 000 779
Prmr 914 773
ecko 790 679
panlsko 770 692
Itlie 710 629
Austria 690 593
France 680 628
gives for the pool 2013 Zdroj: OECD, Eurostat, NB, UniCredit Bank

The most expensive is a popular destination for all countries where you drive hard to explore the exits, ie Austria and France. The purchase, for which a Czech tourist spends a thousand crowns in these countries, would cost him only about a hundred hundred at home. Zvr is therefore unambiguous. Abroad stays for Czech tourists increase by an average of nine percent.

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