Tuesday May 24, 2022

Home sellers of energy often do not tell the truth. Don’t get caught

Door-to-door electricity and gas sellers often “recruit” customers, without even telling them that they have actually signed up for a new electricity and gas supplier. Ring the drill and introduce yourself as a distributor representative, ie EZ, PRE or RWE.

That’s right, you represent a completely different company. And most importantly, these companies do not “catch” customers in this way. “We do not operate door-to-door sales. We serve our clients exclusively via the Internet, customer lines or in person at our offices, ”confirms the press speech of Prask energetika Petr Holubec.

Sellers often dream if we do not support when we do not support, we will disconnect the electricity meter. “That’s bullshit. If you pay days for electricity consumption, pay deposits and do not pay anything, then no one can disconnect the electricity meter, ”to Jarmila Lehnerov from the Energy Regulatory Board.

First on this ad, msn turn hundreds of people with enough for help. They signed up for a new supplier, but they changed their minds and want to withdraw from the contract. ad because of that he shared a new department. Help spov vesms in advice, how are the options and how to proceed. “M dv se na ns lovk obrt, tm lpe. It is possible to withdraw from the contract without any reason, according to section 57 of the Civil Code, within 30 days of signing, ”adds Lehnerov.

If you do not meet the 30-day deadline, then you have several options: try to negotiate with a new supplier. If that doesn’t happen, give in, but especially the sanctions for premature termination in the breath of thousands of crowns. Or try to change the business conditions, which include changes in the price.

If you want to change suppliers and do not know what the first procedure should look like, take a look at the pages of the Energy Regulatory Series (www.eru.cz). On the title page you will find not only information about door-to-door sellers, but also links to the procedure for changing suppliers.

How to behave when u vs home doorbell rings?

Believe in the totality of the person. Want to see the order and identification. Before signing any documents, including the power of attorney, issue and familiarize yourself with all documents, especially with the contractual provisions and business conditions of the delivery and the price. If necessary, want to explain.

Keep as a thoughtful and oven hardened businesswoman. It is necessary to sign a new contract to hurry a single profit from a quick deal, usually at the doorstep of the seller. He gets a commission for “vs”, which in many cases you pay in the form of a fee for changing suppliers. This money can be several thousand crowns.

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