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Hover over the banks, drink with each other, lk nov web

The new internet site calls on people to drink with each other. The application basically works like a bn auction. Vitel offers a loan and a future long-term pension. Whoever chooses how to offer the year or is willing to pay.

The aim of the website is to mediate a strong connection between people who want to get a pension or, on the contrary, to provide someone with a financial amount. The bank is excluded from the whole process, although not in full. Payment and provision of the pension is possible only by bank transfer.

“It is an auction system that is not in principle different from other auction systems that mediate the purchase and sale of goods. The difference is that the subject of the business is pensions, ”explains the director and owner of the application, Roman Kakos.

You can get from 10 thousand to pl million and the maturity is six months and three years. The operator of strnek is basically an intermediary or administrator. I am in charge of contracts, documents and verifications of truth give from debtors and creditors. So send him all the necessary documents.

So how’s it going

The auction is anonymous, you perform under your chosen nickname. Enter your request on the auction pages. For example, you want to pay 50 thousand crowns for one year with a total of 15 percent. Then just wait to see if anyone will respond to your “offer”. the year that the lender offers you must be the same or not, you do not have a request.

The auction will last a maximum of 21 days and you can cancel it at any time without accepting any offers.

When you receive an offer, the administrator will ask you to send the required documents and sign a loan agreement. If you want to buy, for example, a hundred thousand, you can receive offers from several creditors. Then send the sum of msnch installments only to the administrator and the difference between the individual creditors.

In the same way, the creditor sent the loan only to the intermediary, and he then spreads it among the debtors. Even if the administrator reminds the creditor when repaying the installment, the risk of leaving it depends on who drank the debt.

Fees pay both vitel and dlunk. The lender pays the broker 1.5 percent of the loan and the debt of two and three percent according to the loan.

Just for comparison: if you want to go to the bank, you will, for example, meet the SOB for 50 thousand crowns for three years to meet 1,635 crowns msn and the APR will be from 12.17 – 16.03 percent.

In the world, people have been drinking with each other for several years

A pioneer of a similar style of lending is the British company Zopa, which launched its website in November 2005. There are currently about 35 similarly operating companies in the world. For example, one of the youngest lending companies, RateSetter, states that it has paid over £ 600,000 for its jobs and more than 1,500 users have registered here.

The people prefer to kill the bank rather than the other hunter. “When the debtors get into money, their Zopa loans are the last ones to fail,” Martin Campbell, Zopa’s spokesman, told the Telegraph.

This is evidenced by the volume of outstanding loans, which at Zopa reaches only 0.7 percent.

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