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How is the supply for entrepreneurs and small businesses?

Do you want to do business and want to use banking services? Are you looking for an account and a package of services with which you will be able to perform all standard banking operations and at the same time want to pay the most suitable monthly fee? We prepared an overview for entrepreneurs and had companies that are currently on the market.

Bn banking is not obligatory for most small entrepreneurs (more HERE). Thanks to them, you get an overview of transactions and at the same time better control over the company’s financial resources. Since you need to dispose of these funds, you will also need some of the other products that banks offer. For example, a payment card or one of the banking channels. First, these products and some were offered by banks in their packages for a single fee, similar to the packaging for private individuals.

In recent months, the offer of business accounts of two banks has expanded. Volksbank with its Expert account and ivnobanka with its Start account. Volksbank has thus joined the ranks of most banks on the market that offer it a package of services, and ivnobanka has expanded its existing offer with an account with basic products at a relatively low price.

How did the account zaloit?

Banks usually request very similar documents for opening an account for entrepreneurs and for the first time. In the case of an entrepreneur, it is necessary to submit:

  • Evidence of proof of eligibility for entrepreneurial activity (document entitling to do business on the ground R, such as a trade license, concession deed and other document of a similar nature – a copy of the file in special records (self-employed farmers, etc.), or a certificate of membership in a professional committee ( lawyers, auditors, etc.), or a decision on the registration of a non-medical facility, in cases where a natural person – entrepreneur is registered in the Commercial Register, as well as an entry from the Commercial Register)
  • Pedloit prkaz totonosti
  • Enter into a written contract with the bank
  • In the case of a first person, the following steps are required:

  • Enter into a written contract with the bank
  • Demonstrate eligibility for entrepreneurial activity (document entitling the holder to do business on the ground R, eg entry of the Commercial Register, Concession deed, etc.). In the case of a business company (joint stock company, limited liability company, limited partnership, public company), or the company, in your opinion, there is an entry from the commercial register, not old 3 months
  • Submission of proof of identity of a natural person, entrepreneur or person authorized to act on behalf of the first person
  • Sloit minimln poten vklad
  • Once these conditions are met, there is nothing to prevent the bank from opening up and the person authorized to handle it.

    How can I control it?

    In most parts of the bank, immediately offer several tools with which you can control the funds. For cash operations, it is a payment card that can also be used for non-cash payments at a merchant and thus through its banking channels (telebanking, internet banking, or homebanking). These are usually offered in various combinations. In the case of homebanking, it is important to inform you about how the costs are connected not only with its operation, but especially with its installation, which is carried out by a specialized company or bank employees directly in the companies. You can install the application on one or more pots as needed.

    D nkter banka vc? In some cases, banks within their balconies also offer overdraft facilities, or count even term deposits. In some balconies you will also find the possibility to live in a foreign currency, for which you will pay elsewhere.


    If we look at the current offer, it is possible to come across packages of railways with low content of products and services, as well as packages at an affordable price with a wide range of products. The fee for msn leads is on average around several hundred crowns, but you can also come across products for thousands. It is therefore obvious that it pays to choose in time. When choosing an option, think about how you will actually use the services so that you do not pay the bank for some of the attributes of the excess. In the offer, an entrepreneur with a large number of transactions should definitely not miss the offer of the Business XL business menu from ivnobanka, where all electronic movements are free of charge. For those who prefer secure access to their finances, the SOB Company account could be interesting. And one of the cheapest and thanks to the density of pots so easily available to offer for entrepreneurs Potovn spoitelna – Postkonto Start.

    • Overview of the offer of business accounts HERE

    About payment cards for entrepreneurs and small businesses you will touch more HERE.

    How is the product package according to vs the best? Would you praise any of the banks in the market for offering it a product for entrepreneurs and companies? Drinks them with light.

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