Wednesday May 25, 2022

How much do you pay for telebanking

The price for services, especially for many active clients, mainly affects
set of banking services with free transactions. ivnobanka, which offers all electronic transactions for free, so because it has more operations, so more client accounts.

When assessing prices, it is necessary to take into account the fact that some banks offer people who do not have a problem with retirement, you free. Citibank offers a special offer for clients who have the balance of 100 thousand crowns in the competition at all of them at the bank, so they offer it free of charge. By default, you pay 250 crowns for a CitiOne account.

Similarly, eBanka’s clients, who receive more than CZK 15,000 in their accounts, and GE Money Bank clients with an average balance of CZK 40,000 have a free account. When we take into account these conditions and assume that the conditions are met, banks become the cheapest banks to use telebanking.

Rozdl pes sto korun

In order to be able to compare the prices of telephone banking services, we have prepared two models of examples concerning the client using only telebanking services.
Specifically for small and for a lot of active clients.

For the evaluation in the test, we chose the cheapest packages possible, always with active telephone banking. We also noticed that the account holder uses other services as a standard, for example, a payment card and an entry from here. If it is not offered in the price of paula, we added the costs that the client will pay for it. In the active client
We have covered it in several cases, when it was appropriate, with a dram package that includes a number of free services.

You can find the bank’s list of active clients together with explanations HERE.

In the model of the active client se vtzem a fixed esk and its quality program. Druh msto filled SOB with a Separate Plus Account. Komern banka and HVB Bank conferred on the tetm.

The cheapest banks have the cheapest banks, which offer free transactions as part of a package of services. ivnobanka, GE Money Bank and HVB Bank were the cheapest.

The difference in price when using the same services was in both cases of model charges over one hundred crowns per month. If we cover this for free when the conditions of some banks are met, so will you. So it is obvious that choose to pay off.

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