Wednesday May 25, 2022

How much does a student’s life cost? those thousands of msn are small

Are you a new college student and not even studying for a sweet student life? Or are you thinking about a high bike? How much does the study cost? Bad mainly on how many children lived and eat.

Come out with those thousands for msc. You have to live and stay with your family and forget about culture, sports and “pubs” with your companions.

It’s also bad what kind of bike you study, because medics have so many lessons that they can’t think much about regular brigds. On the contrary, students of computer science in collections with at least 10 and 15 thousand beer cans in secret.

At the end of the year and sometimes even the semester, you have to ask for textbooks and study materials. It will not occur to anyone today to buy a new script, because the textbooks on the Internet work properly, and within the scope of the round, at least fifty percent of the cost of new books can be saved, which is, for example, 300 and 1,200 crowns at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Here, the data are optimized according to the field of study.

“When I consume only the cost of equipment in the first semester, I will reach a hundred over ten thousand,” said Jana Makov, a student at the Faculty of Medicine. “We had to buy clothes, books, atlases, and they were all very expensive. Textbooks for medics are hard enough to find in bazaars, so you often have to reach very deep into your pocket. ”

tyi tisce? But limit yourself a lot

According to a study of financial viability, high school students are charged with costs (drinking, culture, leisure), followed by food, accommodation, mobile and internet, textbooks, transport and, last but not least, clothes.

You can get up to those thousands of months, if you live with a parent you don’t pay for anything, you only eat at home from the family budget or in the canteen (about 100 crowns a day, one meal costs about 35 and 50 crowns), use public transport with discounts, exchange your mobile phone for Skype and you will only send an SMS with your phone. To get rid of vm, msn will cost 400 and 500 crowns. You have to forget about scattering for clothes, cosmetics and a place to go to the gym and to do aerobics at home and bhat in the park. According to a survey at the MSc, student V, who lives at home, needs at least eight thousand crowns.


See how the student’s MS V data is – click to enlarge the graphic

Domc gym and cinema for 40 K

“When I bought a twenty-entry card, one hour in the gym cost me 80 crowns, which is cheap in Prague. I go to train at least every other day, I would also pay almost a tin hundred hundred crowns for the mass. So I bought a mat and an Inca for a thousand crowns and made a gym in my room, ”two tips on how to spoit, Martin, a student of mathematics at BUT in Prague.

If you like to go to the cinema, replace the multiplexes with men and you can see the film for 40 crowns. For 60 crowns you can see the morning performance of the Prague cinema Svtozor, in Aero and Ok you have a discount of 20 crowns per ticket, they cost from 60 to 120 crowns. And in the Lucerna cinema in Brno, it is presented for students for 50 crowns every Monday afternoon and evening.

You will pay abroad

You have to deal with these costs if you want to visit a university abroad for a semester or two. Even if you use the Erasmus program and receive a scholarship to cover the cost, then take care that it is not enough for all the expenses.

For example, Marie, a student of tetho ronka novoetina and panltina at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, is for two semesters at the Universidad de Granada in Spain. Msn dostv scholarship 409 euros. Of this, the salary for living is about 260 euros, shared an apartment in the city center with five other students and pay your own room. So the rest remains about 140 euros. He gave the expenses, at least 50 euros msn, will have to subsidize the parents. “The daughter is so excited about the bike so far that she can’t go on a part-time job and thus need to get a pension,” said Zuzana Kvasnikov, the mother of the court.

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