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How much does human life cost? In the Czech Republic only 240 thousand crowns

The experience of the first element is that the people often do not judge for the health code. At the same time, in the event that you do not cause yourself, you can get compensation not only for the loss of debt, but also for the costs associated with a single operation. If you lose a close relative by a foreign fault, you must first compensate for one.

If you don’t know how much your life costs, then the experts are clear about it. And if you think that one lost life equals millions and plates, even hundreds of millions of crowns, think wrong.

Obansk konk determines the price of life from 85 thousand to 240 thousand crowns. Wrong about your relationship with the hunter who lands strangers. If it is closely related (husband, child, parents, sibling), according to civil law, you are entitled to a one-time compensation in the change.

“In the event of death, the firm practice of the fact that the statements made in civil law cannot be increased, even if the views of the masters appear. The problem is that this provision is relatively new, it became active on May 1, 2004 and before that it was fully missing, ”adds the first Jan David.

The widow and two children will receive 720 thousand crowns

Imagine that a pedestrian walker kills a mue – manela and the father of two children. According to the civil law, the widow and the child will have one year to pay in the amount of 720 thousand crowns, each of which will require 240 thousand crowns. In the event that a sibling has a child and also his family, they can also claim a one-time compensation for the killing code.

If the landlord of the family, it means a significant impact on the family budget, the loss of one income. He then got the first on the balance of the data compensated in the form of reimbursement of the cost of the survivors. When turning in the fence, start from the average distance of the earth. Obansk does not determine how long the country will pay for the costs, however, it is believed that this is the time for which he would be obliged to die – for example, children under 18 years of age or the end of studies.

He may have to reimburse the costs associated with his stay (eg hospital fees, drug costs), in the event that their relatives did not die immediately, but and for a certain period of time spent in hospital. When killed, the vink must pay the costs associated with the funeral.

Pain is determined according to the point evaluation

You have the first to replace the codes for health, even in the event that someone injures you.

Example: The young man is attacked and beaten. He spends three months in incapacity for work, of which 14 days must be spent in hospital. The police will catch the perpetrator.

First of all, it is damaged by a code for a healthy claim to a one-time pain relief and to reduce its social application. How they will be in, determines the decree of the Ministry of Health. 440/2001 Coll.

In the compensation of pain and the application of social application, the statute is based on the basis of the point evaluation, which in the expert opinion exposes the damaged medical device. The value of one point is now 120 crowns. For example, the pain for breaking a rib is, according to the decree, the value of 15 points, ie 1,800 crowns.

Since he was incapacitated for work on our basis, I may first claim compensation for loss due to incapacity for work, which is the difference between his average length before work and the sickness that will be taken during incapacity for work.

Alternatively, I may be required to claim compensation for loss due to incapacity for work or disability, which is the difference between the average length before and the length that will occur once in the event of a disability pension.

The young wounded man will thus reimburse him for the first time associated with his work.

If there is no agreement with anyone, go to court

In order to be damaged by your claim, you must know who is responsible for the code. Otherwise he won’t.

“The exception may be the case of liability from the operation of the vehicle, where even if it is not known, the injured party will be compensated for damage to health from the guarantee fund of the Czech office of the insurer,” says first Jan David.

If you know who knows and if there is no mutual agreement between you, you will have no choice but to go to court with a request for compensation for the code.

“Court fees are not reimbursed in the case of health codes. Damaged payment only the costs associated with the first representation, which, in the event that the case will be closed, will be obliged to pay anyone after the end. Be careful here, the compensation paid by the court does not have to be equal to the amount that the victim paid to his lawyer, ”explains David.

If the court does not pay the time limit set by the court (eg within 15 days from the first power of the judgment), you can demand the enforcement of a decision or execution.

What is a health code

A health code is a term that is caused by an accident at work, sick leave or other health damage.

Compensation is paid to the person responsible for the code. In the case of health damage, it is in the civilian life of the drug.

Other situations take place, for example, if a piglet is present during the operation. In such a case, pay the medical facility.

If it happens to your child once in school, give it away after the bike.

Lid zatm nroky za kodu na zdrav pli neuplatuj

According to the experience of the first Jan David, it is known to us that the first of the responsibility for the code for health is relatively low compared to abroad.

“Even the cases usually contained an international element, but on the other hand, our subject was a foreigner,” adds David.

Recently, thanks to the media coverage of some cases, the situation is slowly changing, even in relation to medical facilities.

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