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How much time does it take to pay by phone

We tested telephone banking services from Wednesday, July 26, to Monday, July 31, 2006, with a one-time order to the castle with the help of a telephone bank. On the back order, we waited the longest for three and a half minutes, on the contrary, the shortest time we spent talking on the phone line was less than two minutes.

Therefore, if you want to enter an order due on the same day, in which the order is signed, it should be enough to call about 5 minutes before the end of the day at the bank. Even in this bag, we recommend that the oven just do not leave any order at the last minute.

During the test room, we came across a small piece of bread, which pushed us away in a few minutes. It was in the case of HVB Bank telephone banking on Wednesday afternoon, when our vending machine resubmitted after 20 and 25 minutes due to the busyness of all operators. A similar situation occurred during our free time on this line on Saturday morning. In the second case, the machine offered to leave a telephone connection on the sign, provided that the operator can call the telephone as soon as possible.

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You can wait for the connection with the telephone bank according to less than two minutes, as happened in the event of a call to Citibank. esk spoitelna informs the caller about ekac lht as it happened in one case. Bending the limit of one minute for ekn to connect with the bank bag was not an attack.

Bank The average time required for a back order to the castle by the operator
UNDER 1:58
Komern bank 2:07
esk spoitelna 2:12
Raiffeisenbank 2:17
HVB Bank 2:40
eBanka 2:49
ivnostensk bank 2:52
GE Money Bank 3:26
Citibank 3:33

The fastest available connection with the telephone banking operator, as confirmed by our test, is SOB. Here we recorded the fastest requested one-off order to the castle by telephone in general. The whole phone lasted 75 seconds, compared to the standard 120 seconds. However, not very comfortable, this fast call made the user almost and uncomfortable, which is what makes for an extremely high speed.

The order to the castle on the same day?

How much time do you have as a client of the bank for any one-day order to the castle, so that it is not only processed, but also re-established on the same day? The values ​​are relatively well known. Most banks close and close the day in the case of telephone banking at 6 pm, but you can meet not only two or more times, but a little later. For example, Citibank will process a domestic payment order with the current maturity only until 3 pm, while eBanka will issue it with a due date and until the end of the specific day. Komern banka and esk spoitelna then offer the processing of the order for the castle with the current maturity of 20.30 (KB), respectively. within 20 hours (S).

These times are not only indicative of the maturity of the order to the castle, but at this time there is also a renewal and zero daily security limits pslunch for the tax channel.

Bank Telebanking link Line from abroad Mobile lines
Citibank 233 062 222
esk spoitelna 844 111 144 582 405 405 726 111 144 / 605 661 144 / 776 991 144
UNDER 844 113 114 495 800 101 603 676 676 / 729 933 933 / 776 992 992
eBanka 800 124 200 222 115 200 / 222 115 100*
GE Money Bank 224 441 234*
HVB Bank 800 100 024 221 118 600
Komern bank 800 111 124 / 800 150 250 485 262 124 / 485 262 250
Raiffeisenbank 800 900 900 417 941 444
ivnobanka 800 122 412 224 122 412

*) automatick converzant

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