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How much will it take to retire?

The struggle of society has been, is and will always be called a problem in all countries. Many people realize that the old-age pension will be sharply less than salary in the overwhelming second. About how much? Can this distance be at least compensated?

The society has a number of dimensions with regard to the specific needs of seniors (housing, health care with the growing weight of gerontology, transport services with regard to its mobility, psychological due to the loneliness of knowing elderly people, etc.). However, the first financial side of the expected unfavorable demographic development, this means the ability to profit from a normally functioning elderly population, even with regard to the changing specifics, which means a burden on public finances, will be the most invited. At the same time, a consensus remains to be found in the acceptable ratio between the level of income at work and the old-age pension.

In order not to be a distance, resp. the transition between the employee’s gross income and the old-age pension, which is now at the level of 4243% (and is still decreasing), it will be necessary to fill the gap with the first additional income for you first penzijnho pipojitn.

It has already been said that a ten percent reimbursement ratio, generated from the pension supplement in addition to about 40% of the reimbursement from the first, basic sawmill, always with certain incomes, could be an acceptable currency, as many conditions meet a number of assumptions.

There is also another argument for the pension supplement: It is indeed a fairly suitable investment. In order for the hunter to take care of insurance, I may not only care about him personally, and his loved ones, you young family (I would certainly appreciate you even if he is very quiet), that he himself voluntarily limits his daily consumption, but I can tak stt. He must take great account of how much his citizen cares about his financial future, and how he will make the treasury clear in the future in the form of social expenses (especially in proportion to income). Therefore, the state must optimize its data for a very long time and so that it spreads the estimated time over time if it is evenly distributed. This is another reason, for ten years two out of the budget, at least a billion and today almost three billion in the form sttnho pspvku.

It is good to insure yourself also because it offers the opportunity to get support. This is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities easily available to literally every adult citizen, and at the same time one of the safest.

Although it is primarily a question of disputes on members, it is always about your own pension. Imagine a kind of iron reserve, to which it is possible for some time in the event of a completely unexpected financial situation to move with you and your families. Let us not bleed that the consortium with this option covered, and included in the law the possibility that the pension will not be available in accordance with the original element, but temporarily. It is then fair, in these cases, to withdraw support. The hunter would have a bag for his pension and still a relatively sunny input from the farm pension fund pijt moist.

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