Friday May 20, 2022

How the Porsche winner invested in the investment competition

For seven weeks, thousands of contestants were able to try out their investment instinct in the X-Trade Brokers Cup. The winner of the competition was Mr. Ji z Jesenku, who increased his potential deposit in the amount of 200,000 K by 3,639.73%. For the idea, it is about 7.5 million crowns.

Mr. Ji is not a professional investor, but he has experience from other investment competitions. During the competition, Mr. Ji concluded a total of 235 transactions, of which more than 70% were so-called long positions, which means the purchase of individual instruments. He most probably closed trades during the second and third week. During this period, he valued his assets by more than 700%.

On the contrary, the least was the 6th week, when his business reported a slight loss. The most popular financial instruments were again GBP / JPY, GBP / AUD, EUR / AUD.

It is interesting that Mr. Ji traded only on currency exchanges and did not try to open a single trade on komoditch, stock indices or stocks. The average time of opening his investment positions was at 14:36 ​​and closed at 19:40.

On December 13, 2007, a gala gala was held at the SOHO + restaurant, during which the official results of the competition were announced. At the same time, the awards ceremony of the winners (seven laptops) took place, including the main prizes in the form of the Porsche Boxter sports car.

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