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How to achieve the highest value

This contribution actually applies to each participant in the pension scheme and is also in addition to the original form of the pension scheme. This form of state support, which was chosen in our country after 1994, is completely unique elsewhere in the world. What does it mean for everyone from the construction of the main element?

What is in the desktop in 29 kono u password sttn pspvek ve, we will convert it into a graphic form for the sake of clarity. At the base we bring the small contribution of the participant (we know that it must be at least one hundred crowns), and its growing vi (we work with a twenty-crown interval from 100 to 600 K) increases the size of the central contribution, according to the amendment, ie permanently increased by 25% .

What does this mean from the construction of the main element?

  • My absolute contribution is the participant’s own contribution, so the absolute contribution is from the state.

At the lowest, ie one hundred crowns of payments, the amount of 50 K, at 300 crowns of payments 120 K and at the end of payments 500 crowns (and whatever) less than 150 K. Above this limit of 150 K, the contribution dl does not increase. when at the taps of a component equal to or greater than 500 K, the curve of the plug-in element becomes parallel to the base.

Graph: Size of the net contribution depending on the size of the contribution
(in K msn) and the moment of input flow for astnka (in%)

  • Absolutely you are the actual contribution of the participant, so it is so relative
    ni pspvek od sttu.

From the fact that it is not a small measure (this would make the contribution grow linear), it follows that it is important for the participant to assess both the absolute and relative ratio between the contribution from the state and its own contribution. If we omit the values ​​among ourselves, we get in a cut from 100 to 500 K contribution (or 50 and 150 K contribution) the so-called degressive verticality, which is indicated in the graph by a constantly decreasing curve: In the constant increase, relative drop. For a minimum, only one hundred crowns of payment, the signing of 50 crowns of the stipend means an immediate deposit of 50%, for 300 crowns of the payment the stent contribution of 120 K (but only 40%) .

Because it is assumed that the long-term contribution to the main contribution is not increased, but it is not limited to the other side of the contribution, it is clear that the relative return from the main contribution must be reduced for possible payments of the contribution. We illustrated this in the graph, when we extended the contribution to 600 K (and then the input would be 150: 600 = 25%). As the bag suggests, the employee will not lose his or her, or beyond the 500 K contribution of the employee, the employee will be given a form of permanent support (tax left).

A look at the graph and possibly a simple sweat with a calculator allow the person to answer the question correctly: How is the best part for him to pay for his own contribution?

The intuitive answer of the best payment is one in which the highest relative input can be realized, although it is mathematically absolutely correct, but not exhaustive, namely the elements of the word relative. Nen tk derive for. Bume in real estate and let’s see what happens after a year in the case of hundred crowns of monthly payments: Such a participant can save 12,100 K, ie 1,200 K per year, and receive a contribution of 12 50 K, ie 600 K, in total. thus 1,800 K. Assuming a certain amount of income, which in this case we take as if the first year of pension supplementary yields only about 50 and 70 K.

It’s a lot, is it a small one?

The answer depends on who we help with this issue. Relative to the average employee income, the growth in the pension supplement does not represent a single average weekly income, so the dispute is low! It is justified perhaps only for very young people, even for those who are really very limited in their incomes, and simply not a hundred crowns are unable to postpone the money. Otherwise, the offer of relatively high yields for low drains is very confusing and more difficult. I don’t have to go harder for that: it is completely counterproductive at the moment when only according to them should the participants orient themselves. The social function of the central post cannot be upgraded, but is usable only for a very limited range of addresses; for all other boomerangs (with a devastating effect on the economy pension fund do not speak).

Excerpts from the book
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ryvek is from the book“Penzin pipojitn, 2.roses vydnvydan nakladatelstvm City Publishing, who published publications in the FINANCE edition such as:
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