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How to become a petty speculator? The investor likes from his own experience

In what, according to napu, it arose as a weight from the noise of a small investor who is trying to make money on shares and his long-term experience. This is not a bottom scientific analysis, experts and professionals, please! If you use the leads from this article (and its continuation) for your investment, you will do so only at your own risk.

On a busy day full of work and stress, adrenaline sports are a must. Under the dark, let’s imagine the most crazy with a motorcycle or car on the circuit or with the terrain really in the dark, band camping, climbing on rocks, or riding them on a bike, rafting, flying on ultralight and paddock (not the gold!). Well, someone is investing in stock.

Unlike other adrenaline, investing in events has certain specifics. Unlike the others, it is easy to make a huge difference. Or drink on a drum, of course, so that if mono does not happen, this link will be created. However, other adrenalines can kill, so they are also dangerous in most cases.

In order to reduce the danger of stock investments, we have to (after all, as in other adrenalines) shake our heads a bit.

Mte na to?
The first thing that probably occurred to you is that you have to have a lot of income for that, ie a chapter. Surprisingly, this is not such a big problem. Then you print, yes I mean crowns. I also recommend it for arrest.

So it is not the amount of the capital that matters, but the courage. Not as much courage as in the Schwarzeneger movies, just the courage to honor you, at some point to pick up the phone and call an order. This can then not be taken back. Stupid vs it occurs. After the back command and placing the phone, the worm will gnaw. Then brag to the wife, and it will not erode what vs will erode. But you have to stt and go for it.

If you don’t read about it, try investing in the event for sure. Don’t blame anyone, just make a spreadsheet, imagine and invest it at the moment, as if it were real. So watch the stock market, at some point in which case you make the right decision, imaginatively invest and drink it in the table. Don’t give up, do it for yourself. And dl trade business as if it were in reality. Just thorn. He did it so dry after joining the Maklsk company, for about a year

Rules of the game
When you have decided and you have it (so think about it), you need that (even small) chapter. Take a firm flight from your property, which you will use for a long time to invest in the event. Really solid, when you put in my investment, it will be sorry when you earn (and ht when it doesn’t work out).

No, that doesn’t mean you have to bump into the first bald spot at once, but use it in the long run of everything. With this fixed plug, you should be familiar with your life partner, you just care about it.

It must be firm, because if it does not happen, you will not be able to give a pension to spend on these others and thus prevent the previous loss, it is best not to know for God’s sake. This is just a road to hell, which was taken by a lot of reputable brokers, who so often lost huge funds, and know that only a fraction of such losses went to the public, mostly in silence with the clients of the clients of these companies. This will then not be done with an acceptable risk, it will become a gamble and you will be ripe for flax.

I also price you to go once, determine the amount you want to invest, and which doesn’t sound, if you lose it for sure, it would hurt, but it wouldn’t sound.

He puts the principle that you will use only your own resources. And come back, urit to brag. Sure, you don’t, but you’ll see that in the end it will. And then guaranteed from those acquaintances or families comes the offer, to which a single single, different and simple answer will be thoroughly found in advance.

This offer will be known. When you are so good, we have some free resources, he does not want to evaluate them even above. If you say YES, it’s a bit endless (if you don’t have a broker’s license, but we’ve made it clear that you don’t have to!), But the main risk of your investment is completely unreal. The whole adrenaline sport will be over, only the feeling of a lot of responsibility and the subsequent idea of ​​what will ever make a mistake will start.

What, when, where and how
For simplicity, we will focus on R shares issued on the Czech stock markets. These are ideal for your arrests.

Without access to the stock markets, we can’t do much with stocks. The market is based on three markets:

– RM-Systm – a simple one, only a lot of tracks if you ride a broker. The title is the highest, because there are trades and stocks that are not in other markets. My private opinion is that RM-Systm is suitable for a grandmother who wants to sell forgotten shares from privatization purchase. It is used here when there is a deviation of the price compared to other markets (in favor of course), and for stock trading, which are not elsewhere. RM-Systm gives me a cheap variant of trading via the Internet, it’s not just a broker and you will be in it yourself. For this fight, I will explain later.

– SPAD main market, super comfort, the only problem is that you go here in lots, ie in uritch pots action at once. Here you will trade, and you will be behind the water and you will go in the tens of millions of crowns.

– KOBOS is what you’re looking for. It is traded here even with small sweat action. Prices are based on SPAD (on the RM-System they tend to deviate a bit from the deviation). D to buy or sell a single stock here.

When you browse the stock servers on the Internet, you will find an up-to-date overview of all these stock markets. That is, how many actions are for sale and for how much, and so, what is in demand and for what. And when you want to buy or sell, call your broker. Oh yeah! You don’t have to go broke

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