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How to become bankrupt. Rules that should know each

Whoever finds himself in a financial crisis, for a year or so, will declare a default and get out of debt with the same. And thus prevent the worst, ie the executioner’s march. We’ve mapped out the longest rules you should know about bankruptcy.

Anyone can get into the outer sweat with paid t, splits of the heat and mortgages. Because of the loss of city, the death or sudden death of families. However, debts can also be chopped off in your own inconsistency, when buyers on vr or credit cards can perish over their heads. Pushing your head into the sand is then the worst thing a hunter can do in such situations.

Take an inventory in debt first

In case you get into financial needs and do not meet the obligations, it is good to know that insolvency law and the opportunity to declare personal bankruptcy is not for everyone. For example, if you have two problems from one level of the company, the pad does not apply to everything.

It is only possible to file a court order to allow segregation if you have at least two creditors, you are in arrears with less than 30 days and you are not able to pay the debts. When you get into such a situation, take an inventory of your debts.

Consider how many exactly long and how many winds you will not be able to meet. Deal with the leaders as soon as possible and inform them about your situation. It’s bad for them, whether they’re on the installment calendar or whether they want to settle the debt by selling your property. You can also quickly consult with experts from the nearest free debt counseling center and find out what time it takes for the court to allow you to file a personal bankruptcy (where you can get advice for free, you can find it here).

Spltkov kalend grove vdy vyjt

enough of separation is always necessary very careful. If you have any property that can be monetized and the debt repaid, then reckon with the fact that the creditor will want to sell it and the court may not allow the payment schedule at all. Even if you do not have an apartment or a house in personal ownership, but you only live in a dilapidated apartment, you will lose the most and you will have to look for a business.

If you have no assets and at least 30 percent of the debt can be paid from your income within five years, the court will be separated from it with the highest probability of permission. However, the minimum pension must be prescribed for the living. This contact is different for everyone, for example on the sweat of dependents (minimum calculation here).

Personal bankruptcy means three years in poverty and all other incomes, including the unexpected, such as your loss, to hand over to creditors (more here). When you stop the splits, after five years you will breathe a horse and start a new life with the same.

But I have a long time to forget about five years, because he doesn’t have enough income for his own living. He ends up in the audition and the executor knocks on the door.

The petition for segregation is taken to court

The insolvency proceedings are initiated against the long-term petition and the petition is filed at a separate regional court according to the city of residence. “It is possible to choose a different local affiliation, if the long-term resident does not stay in the city of permanent residence, he / she is permanently at another address, I have a family here and possibly an income. However, these facts must be proven to the court, ”points out Alena Doubkov, the first of the Financial Advisory Board.

In the proposal you have to describe how the paddock occurred, how much you have a lender and what a hundred years you have. The income for the last five years is expected, the income is expected in five years, you and all the property must describe them and fill in the required data first (the formula can be found here).

When a proposal for the segregation is performed by one of the manles, the species must agree with it and have its signature verified by a notary. According to Doubkov, if both spouses are responsible for the debts, it is good to file a petition for separate liability, otherwise there will be a court and execution against the other and the sale of movitch vc.

It is advisable to ask counseling specialists for help with writing a proposal for the department. If she had enough of a formal mistake, the whole thing would be extended. According to Doubkov, the most frequent debtors make the mistake of forgetting to connect some of the prescribed areas, or from the description of the situation it is not entirely clear to the court how the crash occurred.

The whole course of insolvency law is publicly available on the Internet in the so-called insolvency register, which is easy to follow (you can find the insolvency register here).

The department insured the insolvency administrator

The whole process of separation was always overseen by an insolvency administrator appointed by the court. For this, according to the law, the long-term man has to pay 750 crowns of money regularly, which he gave to the widow, with whom you have to meet for five years. The insolvency administrator mainly takes care of whether the debt meets its creditors and you.

But he still works a bit like a psychologist and a leader, and he tries to deal with the specific sweat that he or she can get to in five years, for example when he or she loses his or her illness or gets sick for a long time.

“Sometimes the administrator has to abrade the executors and creditors who put a bell on two doors and try to get more pensions from him, not get them regularly. It is not the first creditor or the executor to have one in such a case, ”concludes Petr Bene, secretary of the Association of Insolvency Programs.

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