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How to catch property insurance. Don’t forget to update the fuse

The insurance of the cottage and the cottage, which you concluded years ago, will betray me. You do not have to be insured against the risk that will affect the property. When reporting an insurance event, you may even learn that your insurance is invalid.

The insurance company says that people in mobile homes often lack or don’t even know how they insured their property years ago. Especially with older insurance contracts, insurance protection may be insufficient.

When inserting an insurance event, you may find that the insurance company pays only a small pension. If you want to protect your property for a while, pay for expert advice and remember a few amounts when closing the insurance.

To ensure security, notify the owner of the changes

If you have inherited a family-friendly weekend, or you have decided to donate your own family cottages and cottages to your family, you will not forget to announce the connection.

Even if you pay the old insurance policy for a long time and keep it active, you do not even have to get a crown in the event of an insurance event. In older insurance contracts, it may be agreed that the insurance will expire if there is a change of ownership or a change of ownership.

The insurance company also announces other changes, for example, the change of the permanent address, especially when closing the item and the appreciation of your property.

Update the insurance according to the increasing value of the property

When arranging insurance, correctly estimate the value of your property. Both the building itself and equipped cottages and cottages. You can either conclude two contracts or combine the two insurance policies into one, which in some insurance companies brings you a certain discount for the so-called insurance coverage.

If you are investing in a weekend newspaper, for example, if you are renovating a dwelling or if you have newly furnished a cottage, you need to update the insurance policy and add up the value of the bonded property. You will prevent the fact that in the event of an insurance company, the insurance company will not reimburse the lost property in full.

The material for the reconstruction does not have to be connected at all

If you are going to renovate your cottage and cottage this year, find out if your existing contract will protect and store material.

In the new insurance companies of the insurance company, your building material is automatically protected up to a limit of 20 thousand crowns, if it is stored on the land of cottages and cottages. In SOB Pojiovn, building materials can be protected in new insurance policies up to CZK 80,000 and in Czech business insurance up to a limit of CZK 50,000.

On the other hand, with DIRECT Pojiovny, the insurance for building materials for the reconstruction of a cottage and a cottage does not apply. UNIQA will only pay for the small material and above, which is used for the continuous reconstruction and repair of the cottage, and if the cottage has material for the basic reconstruction, it will not reimburse the loss.

Arrange for a possible indexation of the insurance policy

Although you do not invest a penny in insurance construction for several years, it is good to know that the value of construction always grows as the prices of construction work increase. Therefore, even for this reason, it is necessary to update the insurance, after about five and five years.

In addition, you can ensure the value of the property in some insurance companies by arranging in the contract the indexation of construction work, which will increase the price for Generali Pojiovna, DIRECT Pojiovna or SOB Pojiovna allow indexing.

A cheap insurance package does not cover all risks

The price of insurance is always decided by the level of insurance protection. Choose more insurance risks, so the insurance will be expensive. Some insurance companies, such as Allianz or Kooperativa, have ready-made packages ready. Cheaper protection of the cottage and cottage only against some selected risks, expensive packages provide complete protection.

On the other hand, the Czech insurance company has a wide range of insurance coverage in the basic insurance policy. Therefore, always find out in time how the property will be protected, what the selected insurance protection does not apply to and what is good to insure.

The price of the insurance is strongly influenced by the selected co-participation

When choosing to participate in the insurance event, always start from which codes you can afford to pay from your pocket and whether you want to report any small code. You can choose a share, so pay for the insurance.

Even without co-participation, it is possible to arrange insurance with Generali Pojiovna. In Czech connection, it is also possible to choose a co-payment from zero and then in an interval of five hundred crowns and up to 20 thousand crowns. UNIQA has a minimum co-payment of thousands of crowns, including insurance liability for the code.

In other couplings, give only a few variants of co-selection. You SOB Pojiovna can have a co-payment of more than one hundred, one thousand, five thousand and ten thousand crowns, and in Allianz you can choose a co-participation of three thousand, five thousand and ten thousand crowns. For all of them, all insurance companies provide discounts on insurance premiums, which range from five to twenty percent.

You can arrange the change according to the price and insurance conditions

If you are considering a change of insurer, it is good to find the time and have the offer processed by the existing insurer and the selected insurance company. With the existing insurance company, when updating the old insurance policy, you can achieve, for example, significant discounts for long-term insurance and a trouble-free process, which will cost you half the price. The new connection will again have an interesting entry bonus and an interesting discount for having the chat secured for a while.

But always pay attention not only to the prices, but also to other contractual conditions. The differences between insurance companies are also in whether you are insured, if the cottage is on the edge of the village or in the middle. Some connects also pay attention to whether you have a cottage in the cottage area, which is abundant from autumn to spring. Even the pirates believe that the weekend he lives in the floodplains, where the price increases by 50 and 70 percent.

At the same time, reckon with the fact that even in the most risky flooding areas, a cottage and a cottage can only be insured for ordinary risks and not for floods.

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